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10 Simple Home Remedies For Red Eyes

10 Simple Home Remedies For Eye Redness

There are many reasons why a person’s eyes would look red, from allergies to being over-worked.

This article will discuss ten different things that can make your eyes look red, and what you can do to prevent it and in some cases, cure it with simple home remedies.

#1. Allergies

Allergens in the air can make certain people’s eyes red and itchy, so one way to combat eye redness is to prevent against allergens. An easy way to fight your allergies is to simply start taking allergy pills. You can also wear scarves to keep the pollen away from your face. Wearing sunglasses and large hats can also help to keep pollen out of your face as well.

#2. Sunglasses

Exposing your eyes to bright sunlight can also cause them to turn a reddish color. It can also cause your eyes to become dry and itchy. The best natural remedy to protect your eyes from the sun is to wear sunglasses on especially sunny days. Wear sunglasses when you know that you will be outside for extended periods of time as well. Wearing sunglasses can also help to keep pollen out of your eyes.


#3. Screens

The most common reason why eyes are red in today’s world is because of how much time people spend looking at screens. While it is important for many people to look at screens at work, many people also use screens for pleasure. Take breaks from using the computer or watching television at least once every hour for a few minutes. This home remedy will help your eyes from feeling tired as well.

#4. Focus

Focusing for too long on one single things can also cause your eyes to become red, dry, and sore. Some of these things include reading, driving, writing, or working on a computer. One of the best natural remedies that you can do to combat this is to take little breaks every once in a while. If you are driving a long distance, then pull over to take a break every hour or so. Your eyes need a little rest if they are to function at their best.

#5. Sleep

Since your eyes need to rest to be able to function correctly, you need to be able to get enough sleep every night. Sleeping is one natural home remedy that helps to recharge your body including your eyes. The more sleep that you get, the longer your eyes can work without becoming fatigued and red. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you cannot manage this then you can also take naps during the day to make up for lost sleeping time.

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#6. Contacts

Wearing contacts for too long, or wearing contacts without the proper amount of contact solution can easily irritate your eyes and make them appear red. Read the directions for your contact lenses to make sure that you are changing them at the appropriate times. This can help to keep your eyes from getting irritated in the future.

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#7. Eye Drops

Dry eyes commonly cause a person’s eyes to appear to be red in color. The easiest way to hydrated dry eyes is to use store-bought or prescription eye drops. Make sure to follow the directions on the medicine so that you can get the most out of it. Only use the eye drops as often as recommended.

#8. Quit Smoking

Toxins in the air can also make eyes dry, red, and itchy. While smog and other factors that you can’t necessarily control can have an effect on your eyes, smoking does a lot of damage as well. Since the smoke it so close to your eyes it can easily make them irritated and red. The easiest way to stop this is to stop smoking. Quitting smoking will be able to help with many other health problems as well.


#9. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Drinking too many alcoholic beverages can also cause your eyes to look red. This is because when you drink the alcohol can affect your blood vessels, making the vessels in your eyes grow larger, giving your eyes a red color to them. To be healthy, a man should only drink two drinks a day, and a woman should only drink one.

#10. Goggles

Chlorine and lake/ocean water can irritate your eyes if it gets in them. The easy way to avoid this is to wear goggles if you intend on opening your eyes underwater. It’s generally a good idea to wear goggles while swimming to keep water out of your eyes in case there are high waves or if someone splashes you.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help your eyes from looking red.

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