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10 Natural Home Remedies For Dark Ankles

Causes For Dark Ankles

Dark ankles is a problem that many people would identify with and is also one of the most overlooked problems in today’s times. It can affect anybody and everybody and this statement stands true regardless of the skin colour or the caution with which one lives their lives. This situation is especially embarrassing for the women when they dress up in short skirts, high ankle jeans or when they wear footwear which is open.

Dark ankles are caused due to many different reasons like rubbing, continuous tanning, persistent friction due to shoes, or if one wears wet socks. These minor things are normally overlooked and seen as trivial things. However if not paid attention to, these might lead to the dreaded dark ankles. This is especially because the ankles have extremely soft skin and thus is easily affected some of the external factors.

However apart from these factors there are certain other things too that lead to dark ankles like blood circulation, skin dryness, low moisture levels or pollution. However there is no need to panic because of this problem even though it is serious and somewhat persistent. This is because just like other things there are a few home remedies that could come to one’s rescue in treating dark ankles.


10 Natural Home Remedies For Dark Ankles

#1. Lemon Juice

One of the most popular home remedy for treating dark ankles is lemon juice. It is a tried and tested method and has been brought in use for the longest time possible. Lemon juice is a very popular skin bleaching agent and in addition to this it is also a very rich and useful source of the highly important antioxidants.

Antioxidants play a very useful role in the nourishing the skin. Using it is also very easy. All one needs to do is cut a slice of it and rub it gently and in a circular fashion on the ankle. After applying it, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. After this massage the skin gently with a cream or lotion. One can see the effect in a week’s time. Lemon juice has exfoliant property and this helps in removing the dead cells. This also helps in lightening the skin and in keeping it soft.

#2. Almond Milk Paste

Almond and milk are very popular natural skincare natural remedies that people have been using for the longest time. It helps in making the skin bright and in healing any breakout. In addition to this almond when combined with milk helps in reducing the pigmentation in the skin. To use it one should make a paste of almond and mix it with milk. After this apply it on the ankle and then keep it on for atleast 30 minutes and then wash with cold water.

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#3. Potato Juice

Potato is probably a very important part of the diet, however it could also be brought in use for the treatment of dark ankles. In order to make it all one needs to do is cut a potato in two equal halves and the take out the juice. It should be applied regularly on the darkened skin and washed off with warm water. The results could be seen in no time.


#4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also a very popular natural remedy for the treatment of dark ankles. To use it one should apply coconut oil for 15 minutes on the darkened portion of the ankle and then wash it after 15 minutes with warm water.

#5. Milk & Rice Flour Paste

The paste of milk and rice flour is also very helpful as a natural home remedy for dark ankles. However preparing it is somewhat difficult. Although since the prize is good it should not hurt to go through the trouble of preparing it and in using. To make this paste one needs to add three tablespoons of raw milk in one tablespoon of rice flour and make a thick paste. Once it is prepared it should be applied on the darkened portion of the ankle for ten minutes and then washed off. The results could be seen in  a week.

#6. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice is an easy to obtain natural remedy for the treatment of dark ankles. Using it also easy as all one needs to do is extract the juice of cucumber and use it on the darkened portion and then leave it there for sometime. Once it dries up it could be washed off with lukewarm water.  The effects could be seen in no time.


#7. Sandalwood & Rose Water

Sandalwood and Rose Water are somewhat difficult to obtain, however these are also effective natural home remedies in treating the dark ankles. This helps in moisturizing the skin and in turn helps in cleaning the skin. Even though this is difficult to obtain, but once it is obtained it is not very difficult to use. All one needs to do is apply it on the ankle and massage gently. Upon using it frequently moisture of the skin is gradually restored and in time the darkness is lost.

#8. Baking Soda & Water Paste

When used regularly the paste of baking soda and water paste could be used as a home remedy to treat dark ankles. To make this paste one needs to combine one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of baking soda. It needs to be applied regularly on the darkened ankle for about 10 minutes and then it needs to be washed away.

#9. Castor Oil

Castor oil is also an excellent natural home remedy for the treatment of dark ankles. To use it one needs to apply moderate amounts of castor oil on the darkened section of the ankle right before sleeping and then wash it off the next morning. The results and fairness in the darkened ankles could be seen within a week.

#10. Cocoa Butter

Last but by no means the least, cocoa butter could also help cure dark ankles. All one needs to do is apply it on the darkened ankle and then massage in a circular fashion and then wash it off. The effects are much better than what one could expect.

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