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10 Natural Home Remedies For Baby Restlessness

10 Natural Home Remedies For Baby Restlessness

Do you have problems getting your baby asleep or keeping your baby asleep? Many parents have this very same problem. Follow these simple natural home remedies to learn how to get your child to sleep, and how to keep them asleep throughout the night.

#1. Create a Peaceful Environment

As a parent, the first thing you need to do to help your baby get to sleep is to let them know that bedtime is a good thing. Many babies, and even adults, don’t like the idea of going to sleep, and it’s your job to implant the idea into their minds when they are still young. Don’t get angry at bedtime or at least don’t act like you are. Even if you aren’t sleepy, act like it. Make the whole situation seem pleasant and normal.


#2. Routine

Create a bedtime routine for your baby to follow every night. Even when babies are young they still a have sense of time. For instance, if you feed them at the same time every day they will be expecting food at that time. The same sort of thing goes for bedtime as well. Try to put your child to bed at the same time everyday, and do any other bedtime activities like baths or feeding around the same time as well.

#3. Calm Attitudes

While putting your child to bed it is very important to stay calm. Babies commonly become agitated when their parents do. Don’t let your bad vibes get to your baby. If you are stressed out, try handing off the baby to their other parent or another friend or family member. It may just be that sometimes you’re too tired to put your child to bed, but the point is, if you’re not calm, then your baby won’t be either.

#4. Leave your Baby Alone

Sometimes a baby just needs to be left alone in order to go to bed. Without knowing it, you may be stimulating your child and keeping them awake. The best way to make sure that you aren’t interfering with your child’s sleep is to put them in their crib at bedtime, and then walk away. While this will probably lead to crying at first, within a few days your child should get the point, and they should be able to fall asleep on their own.

#5. Feeding Schedule

If your baby wakes up in the night, you probably feed him or her. However, if you regularly do this, then you child might be waking up just to get food. The best way to do this is to get all your feeding out of the way during the day. This will help your child to know that bedtime isn’t the same thing as feeding time. If you start this routine your child should be conditioned to it in no time.


#6. Continuous Warmth

Babies like to be warm, and who doesn’t? One better thing about this fact is that keeping your baby warm can help him or her to fall asleep faster as well. Perhaps you’ll bathe your baby in warm water, then hold him or her close to feed them. You can wrap your child in a warm blanket and rock them until they fall asleep. The continuous warmth around them should do a great deal to make them sleepier.

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#7. Rocking and Swinging

One proactive natural home remedy to get your child to fall asleep is to rock them in your arms or put them in a rocking baby swing. This constant movement causes them to fall asleep much faster than they might without being rocked. It’s even safe to let your baby sleep in a swing for short amounts of time. However, it is easier to put a baby in their crib from your arms, rather than having to try to pull them from their swing without waking them up.


#8. Car Rides

Car rides also present a sense of constant movement, even if you might be stuck in traffic. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, the car might also provide some white noise. This is a great combination to get your child to bed. This will work the best if you don’t live in a noisy part of town, and it won’t seem so wasteful if your car gets good gas mileage.

#9. White Noise

White noise is noise that pretty much sounds the same throughout. White noises include vacuum cleaners, washers, dryers, dishwashers, static, electric fans, and anything else that has a constantly plain noise. Since these noises don’t do much, they don’t stimulate your baby, which helps them to get to sleep much faster.

#10. Cribs

Finally, your baby’s cribs should be a comfortable place to sleep. A softer crib will work better than a hard one, a crib angled away from the window will allow your baby to stay asleep longer than a crib that can get the sun’s light right in the morning, and the correct amount of blankets is also important. Know if your baby likes many blankets or none at all. It varies from child to child, but it’s important to know if you want you baby to sleep through the night.

Hopefully these simple home remedies can help you get your child to bed faster.

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