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10 Home Remedies For Sea Sickness

10 Home Remedies For Sea Sickness

Sea sickness can be annoying and inconvenient, especially when you want to have a good time on the water. This article will tell you how you can prevent and cure sea sickness with easy and inexpensive tricks.

#1. Food to Avoid

If you know that you usually get sea sick, or even just motion sickness, then there are some foods that you will definitely want to avoid while on a boat. These foods include meals that are smelly (they don’t necessarily need to smell bad, just having a large smell to them), greasy food, and spicy foods. These foods are more likely to upset your stomach more than other types of food. If you are feeling sick stick to something light, like soup or salad.

#2. Foods to Eat

Luckily, there are a few foods that you can eat to help to combat travel sickness. While it may not be the tastiest, you should try to stick to bland food. Foods like crackers or plain oatmeal won’t upset your stomach. Applesauce also works a tasty and easily digestible natural remedy.


#3. Drinks to Avoid

Like food that can make your stomach more upset, there are also drinks that can worsen sea sickness. Caffeinated sodas can upset your stomach, so can alcohol. Try to avoid both of these while you are feeling unwell. You may want to avoid dairy, like milk, as well, but that depends on the person whether or not it will upset a stomach even more.

#4. Okay Drinks

Some drinks that act as a natural home remedy can help to ease nausea that usually comes with seasickness. Water is always okay to drink, but it won’t help with nausea. Apple juice is a great cool drink that can help though. Tea is a great warm alternative, ginger and peppermint tea being able to help the most.

#5. Fresh Air or Not

Whether or not fresh air is a good idea depends on the person and where you are when you start feeling sea sick. If you are inside the boat when you start feeling ill, then you should go onto the deck to get some fresh air. Sometimes the smell of the water, or the salt water if you are on an ocean, makes people feel ill though. If the air is making you uncomfortable, then you might want to go inside the boat. If there is a fan or an air conditioner inside of the boat, then it would be advisable to sit near it.

#6. Distraction

One great natural home remedy to stop feeling sick is to stop thinking about being sick. While it sounds silly, the more you think about becoming ill, the more likely you are to be sick. The best way to combat this is to be distracted. If you are with many people on the boat then get up and socialize. Listening to music is also a good distraction for many people. Get up and have a good time to get your mind off of the waves.

#7. Focus

If distractions aren’t cutting it for you, then maybe focusing on something else it what you need. However, don’t focus on the wrong thing. Reading or doing other similar objects usually makes people feel even more ill. Instead, find a point in the distance to focus on. If you stare in one spot then you are less likely to notice the waves. Music also makes a good focus point even though it also works as a distraction.

#8. Relax

If distractions and focusing don’t seem to be working for you, then you might just want to sit down and relax. If you are with many people, then you might want to try to find a quiet space to lie down in. If you are on a cruise then you may want to go to your room and take a warm shower or a quick nap. Music can also help with this as well.

#9. Cold Water

You may find it disgusting when cold water from the sea hits your face, but cold water from a sink or shower hitting your face can help you to feel better. This is one of best natural remedies to try to refresh yourself. You may also just feel like to need to cool down when you are feeling ill, and the cold water can help with that. One effective way to use cold water is to soak a towel in cool water and lay it on your forehead for a little while.


#10. Heating Pad

On the other end of the temperature spectrum, heating pads can also help to reduce your nausea. Lie down in bed and put a heating pad on your stomach. Do not lie directly on the pad, just keep it on you. This may even cause you to become tired and fall asleep, and when you’re asleep you’re not nauseous. Even if you don’t fall asleep this should still be able to help.

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Trying these all these home remedies for sea sickness should help you a great deal.

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