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10 Home Remedies For Removing A Speck In The Eye

10 Home Remedies For Removing A Speck In The Eye

Having a speck in your eye, like an eyelash or a grain of beach sand, can be highly annoying and irritating. Sometimes it just seems impossible to get the object out without hurting your eye even more.

This article will tell you about some natural remedies that you can prevent objects from getting in your eyes. It also gives tips for removing objects from your eye, and suggestions on different ways that you can get the object out of your eye without causing damage to your eye.

#1. Wear Eye Protection

One natural remedy to avoid getting something in your eye is to wear goggles or another form of eye protection when you are working with chemicals or something that may fly up into your eye, like when a construction worker uses a jackhammer. Of course, they wear eye protection when they do their jobs. If you are working with something that might go in your eye, then just wear something to protect your eyes. When it’s pollen season or when it’s windy, wear sunglasses. They can’t protect your eyes from sand in the wind or something else entirely, but they sure can block out most debris.


#2. Places and Activities to Avoid

Just like you should wear eye protection while you are in dangerous environments, you should do your best to avoid dangerous environments or situations in the first place. If it is windy out, don’t go to the beach; if there are construction workers on a certain street, try to avoid it. Use your best judgement to decide where you should and shouldn’t go, and what you should or shouldn’t do.

#3. Wash Your Hands

Before you try to get whatever object that is stuck in your eye out of your eye, you need to make sure that your hands are clean. This is the best home remedy for removing the speck from your eyes. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap rather than using  hand sanitizer, as hand sanitizer will burn if it comes in contact with your eyes. Soap without a perfume may also be better to use than soaps that have a strong scent to them.

#4. Chemicals or Large Objects

If you know that you have gotten chemicals splashed into your eye, or if a small rock or other large or hard object has cut your eye, then you should see a doctor as soon as you can instead of trying to get the object out of your eye yourself. If you have chemicals in your eyes, then you should rinse out your eyes, but still see a doctor. If an object is in your eye, do your best not to touch it; just see a doctor.

#5. Finding the Object

There are two simple home remedies for finding a small object, like an eyelash, that has fallen into your eye. One way is to get a friend to look into your eye to find the object. While your friend looks, you should look from side to side so that your friend can better find the object. You may also have to hold open your eye a little more. Another natural home remedy to find the object is to use a mirror. This may be harder, but if no one else is around it’s the best you can do. Hold open your eye and try to look side to side, while also looking into the mirror to find the object.

#6.Don’t Rub

When you get something in your eye, don’t try rubbing your eyes to get it out. This will only irritate your eyes and probably make it even harder for you to get the object out. If you have a child who rubs their eyes, try to explain to them why they shouldn’t rub their eye, rather than just telling them not to.


#7. Blink

The easiest natural remedy to get something out of your eye is to just blink enough. When you blink quickly many times it makes your eyes start to water up a little bit, and usually this is enough water to get the object out of your eye. Try blinking rapidly. If the object is not out of your eye within five minutes, then try one of these other tips.

#8. Cool Water

One of the best natural home remedies to get something out of your eye is to splash cool water on your eye or use an eyedropper to get the water into your eye. If you use an eyedropper, try to aim the water for the corner of your eye, and then tip your head to the other side, instead of dropping the water into the center of your eye. Cold water can also just be splashed into the eye. This may be irritating for a small amount of time, but it should get the object out of your eye.

#9. Q-Tips

If you can see where the object is on your eye, and if it’s on the white part of your eye, then you can use a Q-tip to safely get the object out of your eye. Once you have located the object in your eye, get the Q-tip wet so that it can more easily take the object out of your eye without agitating it. Use the Q-tip gently, and don’t use any more pressure than you need to. If you cannot get the object out of your eyes after a couple of tries, then try another tip.

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#10. Onions

Lastly, one sure way to make yourself tear up is to cut an onion. Some other websites might suggest that you put onion juice into your eye to make your eyes water more, but that’s a bad idea; don’t do that. Just cut onions like you usually would and let your tears start flowing. Once you are done chopping the onion the object should be out of your eye.

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