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10 Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails

What Are Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails are fairly common and usually affect the big toe. You have an ingrown toenail if your nail seems to be digging into the skin surrounding the toe. There will usually be redness, and sometimes bleeding or and infection. Ingrown are usually caused by factors you can control, but sometimes they are caused by a simple injury, or even just the way your nail grows naturally.

Luckily, there are many things that you can do to prevent and cure an ingrown toenail at home. Follow these home remedies to learn how deal with your ingrown toenails.

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10 Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails

#1. Change Your Shoes

If your toenails are becoming ingrown, then it may be a sign that you need to buy some new shoes. Shoes that are too small, or that point in an awkward direction, or that pinch your feet or toes can all cause ingrown toenails to occur. Consider buying larger shoes. If you have shoes that are the right size for you, then get some that don’t point or pinch. Try wearing sneakers or other more comfortable shoes.

#2. Open-Toed Shoes

If you can, wear sandals more often. Sandals allow your toes to breathe more, and wearing them means that you can’t pinch your toes. However, be careful where you wear them. Obviously, the beach is fine, but you don’t want to wear sandals while going on long walks, while hiking, or inside a messy home. You could easily bump your toe on something and hurt it. Wear open-toed shoes where appropriate as this is a good home remedy for ingrown nails.

#3. Cut your Toenails Correctly

To prevent ingrown toenails, you need to be able to know how to trim your toenails correctly. You should try to cut your toenails in a straight line. Cut your toenails regularly, and try to keep them reasonably short. If your toenails aren’t long, then there’s less of a chance of them becoming ingrown.

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#4. Soak your Feet

To ease the pain of your ingrown nail, you can soak your feet in some warm water for about twenty minutes or more if you like. This will help to soften the area around your toenails. If you need to cut your nails, then this may even make it easier and is a great cure for nail infection.

#5. Epsom Salt

If warm water alone isn’t doing the trick, then try to add a tablespoon or two of epsom salt to your foot bath. Epsom salt can even help to clean out an infection and kill bacteria. This will also help to soften the skin around your toenails, making them easier to trim.

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#6. Dental Floss or Cotton

After you have trimmed and soaked your toenails, or even if you haven’t trimmed them, you can use dental floss or cotton as a natural home remedy for ingrown toenails.

If you commonly get ingrown toenails, then you can place a piece of dental floss, or a small part of a cotton ball, between your toenail and your skin. This should help to make sure that the nail doesn’t grow into your skin, but grows out like it is supposed to.

#7. White Socks

Some feet and toes are extra sensitive, even to sock dyes. If you think that you may be allergic or sensitive to clothing dyes, then try to wear only white socks.

If this doesn’t seem to make any difference in irritation or pain levels, then feel free to go back to wearing whatever kind of socks that you like. For some people this may be able to end irritation.


#8. Rubbing Alcohol

If your ingrown toenail and the skin around it has become infected, then you can use rubbing alcohol to kill some of the bacteria. Rub the alcohol near and into the infection to kill the germs. Do this several times a day to make sure that your infected area stays as clean as possible. Make sure to dry the area after you do this.

#9. Avoid V-Shape Clipping

Some people think that cutting a slit into their toenail (even though the pink part) can help to relieve pain or get rid of a nail infection. Do not do this. It will only cause more pain and make it easier for the infection to travel to more places. You should only cut your toenails as noted above, not in a V-shape.

#10. Don’t Coat

Other people think that rubbing charcoal or other substances on an infection will help to heal it. It won’t. Don’t rub anything onto an infected unless it is rubbing alcohol or other a store-bought antibacterial cream. Other substances can irritate the infection and make it worse.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can teach your how to prevent and fix your ingrown toenails.

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