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10 Home Remedies For Cholesterol

Reasons For High Cholesterol

Anyone can have high cholesterol, and there aren’t any warning signs when you do get it. You may not know that you even have high cholesterol until your next doctor’s appointment.

High cholesterol is caused by a combination of bad diet and little exercise. High cholesterol can lead to worse health problems like heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. To avoid these things you need to learn how to lower your cholesterol.

Luckily, if you are determined enough, you can lower your cholesterol levels even without medicine. Pay close attention to the following natural home remedies and apply them to your life to lower your high cholesterol levels.

Pay close attention to the following natural home remedies and apply them to your life to lower your high cholesterol levels

#1. Lose Weight

If you have high cholesterol, then chances are that you are overweight. Start by making small goals for yourself. Even losing 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) can make a big difference. Once you start to lose weight you’ll start to feel better. Losing weight has an almost limitless amount of health bonuses that come with it.

#2. Exercise

One natural remedy to lose weight is to exercise. Try to fit in at least half an hour to an hour of exercise a day. Even talking small walks can count. Small walks to your fridge do not count.

Join a gym, a dance class, or take your dog on long walks. If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, get up every hour or two to take a short walk around your office. It’s important to keep moving.


#3. Watch What You Eat

You may be eating too much and aren’t even aware of it. One way to keep track of what you eat is to keep a food diary. Write down what you eat every day and write down how many calories are in it next to the food name.

This will help you to know exactly how much you are eating, and from there you can know how many calories you should cut out of your diet. Ask your doctor what the appropriate amount of calories are for you and your ideal body weight. Knowing what you eat is one of the best natural remedies to bring down your cholesterol.

#4. Cook At Home

The best natural home remedy to cut down cholesterol is to know what you’re eating. Although it takes more work, it’s better for you to cook at home. When you shop, read labels to know what’s in your food and the number of calories it contains.

Try to avoid buying too many processed foods. Eating fresh food is better for you and your cholesterol. Try to avoid fast food and junk food as well.

The best natural home remedy to cut down cholesterol is to know what you’re eating

#5. Cut Back on Salt

High levels of sodium can have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels. Avoiding junk food and fast food should cut down on most of the salt in your diet by itself.

But you should also restrain yourself from adding extra salt to your meals. Try adding spices to your meals instead of salt. This can add extra flavor and is a good home remedy as well.

#6. Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have an ingredient called ‘omega-3’ in them, which can help to reduce your amount of cholesterol. You can find fish oil supplements almost anywhere.

Follow the directions on the box or bottle entirely, only take as many as you should, and only as often as you are supposed to.

Fish oil supplements have an ingredient called ‘omega-3’ in them

#7. Salmon

Another way to reduce cholesterol naturally is to get your omega-3 by eating salmon. Fish are a type of lean meat, and are better for your body than many other meats.

Try to eat four or five servings of salmon each week for the fastest results. Try to avoid eating your salmon when it’s been deep-fried, as that is not good for you.

#8. Eat Less Meat

Try to avoid eating red meat as a main part of your meal. If you are going to be eating meat, then try to stick with lean meats. Find ways to incorporate other types of proteins into you meals.

Nuts are a great substitute. When you go out to eat, try to order meals that don’t have much meat in them, or any meat, as well.

#9. Cut Back on Alcohol

Drinking too much can hurt your cholesterol levels. When you do drink, write it down in your food diary. You can keep track of how a little alcohol every day can add up. It is okay to have one drink or two a day, but more than that can hurt you.

If you are usually a heavy drinker, don’t try to quit all at once. Try to drink a little bit less every day until you can quit or at least get to a manageable level. When you do drink, make sure that you don’t binge drink and have a hangover.

#10. Avoid Smoking and Tobacco

Along with hurting your blood pressure levels, tobacco can harm your body in many ways. You are more at risk for heart attacks when you smoke. Since having high cholesterol already has you at a higher risk for heart attack, you shouldn’t risk smoking.

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You will get sick more, have a harder time breathing, smell bad, and have a high risk of getting cancer. You should try to quit smoking as soon as possible to be healthier.

You should try to quit smoking as soon as possible to be healthier

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help you to lower your cholesterol levels. Good luck!

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