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10 Home Remedies To Cure Common Cold & Cough

Home Remedies To Cure Common Cold & Cough

Colds and coughs, we all get them yet year in year out, we still really don’t know how to prevent them or more importantly treat them.

They can occur at any time of year but often do occur when we have let our bodies get run down. This is usually due to a combination of poor diet, insufficient sleep and stress.

So once we have a cold and/or cough what can we do to reduce the symptoms and to get well quicker. Well whilst there are numerous home remedies here are the top 10 that are known to make you feel better and get well sooner:

1. Drink plenty of fluids especially water and hot drinks. This includes honey & lemon drinks, Ribena (blackcurrant juice). Also black tea is good.

2. Eat lots of chicken soup, either Cream of chicken or just with real bits of chicken. The is great for fighting colds in general and will give you a sense of sustenance. Often when you have a cold or flu you are not that hungry. Chicken soup is easy to prepare and very nutritious.

oranges cure cold

3. Lots of Citrus fruits such as oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes. Also Apples are also good for health. Passion fruit and strawberries as well as grapes are also very good. Effectively what you are doing is blasting your body with vitamin C to get the immune system up and fighting again!

4. Hot showers. Have hot showers as often as you can. This is another great way of ridding your body of cold and coughs. The steam is good for you and also sends those chills away. After having a hot shower it is even more beneficial to follow this with a cold shower. What this does is really give your circulation a boost, which in turn helps unblock any areas and facilitates the detoxification process.

5. Rest. Sleep. Literally stay in bed, warm, with blankets. Sweating it out is best to accelerate the cold passing. A hot water bottle is also a good idea, ideally not too hot or else with a towel wrapped around it.

watch movies

6. When you are up watch comedies and movies that make you feel good. Comedy and looking at the brighter side of life is known to even heal people of disease and sickness so it can work for colds, coughs and influenza.

7. Tablets. This is the time to take tablets on a regular basis. This is either Panadol for Colds, natural blends of herbal medicine available in pharmacies. Avoid taking placebo drinks such as Lemsip and other feel good cold remedies. It is better to have real lemon juice, honey and hot water than these manufactured, synthetic cold products.

8. Put Vicks cream on your throat, under your nose, all over your chest but avoid the eyes! This will reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a runny nose and the accompanying congested chest and head that goes with it.


9. Aromatherapy. Use a vaporizer to fill your lounge or bedroom with real, natural, medicinal essential oils. The best oils to use for colds, coughs and influenza are Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary. A little Orange blossom or Ylang ylang is also good to add to one of the above for pick me up, feel good mix.

Often times when people have colds, coughs or influenza they feel down and need cheering up. A mixture containing some of the above in either a warm bath or vaporized in a room will both cheer the person up and fight the infection.

10. Tissues. Make sure you use throwaway tissues not rags or handkerchiefs when you have the infection. Re-using them or indeed cups or glasses can re-infect. Use everything only once, even towels if possible.

Perhaps given all the above, the greatest most important thing you can do and the easiest is to call in sick, put the answering machine on and sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Even if you force yourself to lay in bed without actually closing your eyes you are resting. Just make sure you get liquids down you every couple of hours.

Get well soon:-)

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