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10 Health Benefits Of Walnuts

10 Health Benefits Of Walnuts

This is why you may need to consider introducing walnuts to your diet.

#1. Cold & Flu

Have you been suffering from a cold or flu, and you get medications constantly and you kind of feel like the medication is not working? Well, this may be because your body has no antioxidants thus causing you to have a low immunity. So here’s the thing.

Antioxidants are present in walnuts and these help in boosting your immunity constantly. So adding walnuts to your daily diet will definitely decrease or just eradicate all visits to the doctor.


#2. Healthy Brain

Whether you are young or old, it is important to have a healthy brain. A healthy brain means you remember things fast without having to pause. Now, omega-3- fatty acids are very present in walnuts and these fatty acids help increase the health of the brain, which entirely means no more memory loss or memory lapse when you’re so young.

#3. Inflammation

Do you suffer from Asthma, arthritis or eczema? You may attest to a bit of a struggle for your day to day life if you suffer from these or have witnessed anyone who suffers from any of the three. It would even be worse if you suffer from all three. What happens is the intake of walnuts helps prevent these sicknesses. These sicknesses are also known as inflammatory sicknesses. So when you include walnuts to your daily diet you’re certainly going to experience less attacks and less visits to the doctor.

#4. Strong Bones

It is important to have healthy bone, why you ask? So that your day to day movement can be easy and not a struggle. For lack of a better word much more natural. So when you consume walnuts they are known to be rich in alpha linolenic acid which helps strengthen your bones. Also the presence of fatty acids helps prevent bone diseases like arthritis and many more.

#5. Stress

When you are stressed or anxious you tend to lack sleep. When you lack sleep your body does not receive the natural rest it requires so you may be healthy. In walnuts there is a component called melatonin. This component helps relieve your body from any insomnia. As well, the fatty acids present in walnuts help regulate the blood flow the body which help take away the stress and anxiety. Therefore do not lack sleep and say good bye to stress by consuming a good daily portion of walnuts any time you can.


#6. Constipation

Do you try to go to the toilet and nothing ever comes out? So what follows next are constant abdominal pains and this can even cause you not to perform your responsibilities for the day? Well, walnuts are rich in fiber. This fiber helps your digestive system function as it is supposed to, that is the right way. Therefore the next time you feel you are suffering from constipation, have some nuts, not just once but constantly. This will prevent you from suffering from constipating as the nuts help clear your digestive system and bowels. Try it.

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#7. Dry Skin

If you know you suffer from dry skin and have tried every home remedy possible, try warming up some walnut oil and rubbing it on your body. This will leave your body feeling relaxed open the pores and your skin will always feel moisturized. This is guaranteed.

#8. Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles may be caused by lots of them and if you have these you know that they just don’t look good at all. So rub some walnut oil as this helps decrease the puffiness under the eyes and helps clear the lines. When you do this often you will begin to see your skin glowing and the lines completely gone and your eyes will begin to have a bright POP.

dark circles

#9. Balding

Say no to balding by rubbing some walnut oil to your hair. This will ensure your hair grows and looks beautiful.

#10.  Lustrous Hair

As well, walnuts do not only make your hair grow but also ensure it gets strong, shiny and also eliminates all frizziness. So as we can see, walnut is a definite diet choice we should all consider.

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