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10 Health Benefits Of Tamarind

10 Health Benefits Of Tamarind

The tamarind fruit grows on the tamarind tree which is believed to have originated from the African continent.

The tamarind fruit is used in cooking different types of foods and apart from it being used as a spice it has important health benefits to the body. Here are some of those health benefits of tamarind.

#1. Deworming

Poor nutrition in children and eating of contaminated food can sometime lead to them having worms in the body. By using tamarind juice you’ll be able to get rid of worms from your child leaving them healthy because worms tend to take up some of the nutrients that the body requires and further interfering with the growth of a child.


#2. Eases Constipation

The discomfort associated with being constipated or worse still having a bloated stomach is not good. Just by taking a few spoons of tamarind juice you are able to help your digestive system work well, to ease your bowel movement and also help your system emit that gas that is making you uncomfortable.

#3. Cures Rashes

If you are having a break out of rashes on your face or swellings, make a pulp out of tamarind and apply it on your face. It will not only help in treating and clearing the rashes and swellings but it will also have a soothing and calming effect on your face in case the rashes were causing itchiness.

#4. Detox

Tamarind can be used as a home remedy in in detoxifying your body. Make tamarind juice by soaking it in water then drink it to detox or clean your system. By detoxifying your body you are getting rid of unwanted toxins which at times lead to illness and thus makes it function properly.

#5. Cancer Treatment

Tamarind has antioxidants that help in the treatment and also prevention of different types of cancer. The antioxidant inhibits the development of the cancer cells in the body. They also help in shrinking the cancer cells in cases where someone already has cancer and reduce the rate of the cancer being malignant in the body.

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#6. Malaria

People who have malaria tend to have very high fever, and high fever sometimes can be fatal to the body. By drinking tea made from tamarind leaves, you will contain the high fever caused by malaria as you go seek treatment.

#7. Healthy Heart

No one wants an over worked heart due to buildup of cholesterol in the body. An over worked heart sometimes leads to shortness of breath because your heart is working extra to carry out its functions. Tamarind has components that help in the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body. It prevents it from being deposited around the heart making you have a healthy heart with no complications.


#8. Sore Throat

When having a sore throat and you are having difficulty swallowing because of the pain associated with the infection on your throat, instead of gurgling mouth wash to clear it. Gargle some tamarind juice to clear the sore throat. Tamarind has the ability to kill and rid your body of the bacteria that cause the sore throat and swellings in your throat.

#9. Reduces Acidity

Tamarind can be used to reduce the acidity in the body especially the one produce by the bile. Too much acidity exerts more stress to the body in that the body strains to carry out some of its functions. Acidity may also affect our bones and teeth because acid erodes the outer covering making them weak and brittle.

#10. Dry Eyes

People whose eyes don’t make enough tears otherwise known as dry eyes, tamarind seeds can be used to make eye drops that will help in treating this condition. Dry eyes can cause further complications to the eye since we cannot underestimate the importance of tears to our eyes like getting rid of impurities from our eyes and other functions.

There is no waste on the tamarind; every part has an importance to the body. The seeds, the leaves and the fruit itself have a lot of benefits to us. Don’t throw everything away since all parts have their importance.

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