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10 Health Benefits Of Salt

10 Health Benefits Of Salt

Contrary to the belief that salt causes hypertension, consumption of salt in moderate quantities is beneficial to health. Salt is one of the essential elements which make up the human body and therefore necessary for the human body.

As in all good things excessive consumption of salt is not good. Consumption of large quantities of salt or their drastic reduction are equally harmful to the body. The recommended quantity of salt for an adult per day is in the region of 2500 mg. Salt in its natural form contains other minerals and therefore healthier than processed and iodized salt.

Following are the ten health benefits of salt.


#1. Immune System

Salt in your diet provides body with a strong antihistamine which fights allergic reactions like itching in the nose, runny nose and sneezing, thus builds immunity towards cold flue and other allergies.

#2. Asthma

Sea salt has an anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory system. This will make your breathing easier. Allergic reaction causing asthma can be fought off by sprinkling a pinch of salt on the tongue.

#3. Diabetes

Sea salt helps in controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels in the body, and thus decreasing the dependence on insulin. Therefore a diabetic diet must include sea salt.

#4. Bone Health

Salt helps to maintain bones in our body to maintain their density and thus their strength. When the body is deprived of salt and water it tends draw the sodium it needs from the bone, reducing bone density and leading to osteoporosis. Therefore salt is essential to maintain bone health, and one must drink plenty of water and consume salt in moderate quantities of salt.

#5. Heart

Salt tends to stabilize irregular heartbeats. Combined with water it also helps to regulate blood pressure. It will also help to reduce high cholesterol levels. It can thus prevent heart attacks. This also helps in preventing strokes.


#6. Depression

Salt helps to preserve serotonin and melatonin which are antidepressants. These will help one deal with stress better. This also helps one to feel relaxed and feel good.

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#7. Skin Care

Salt can be effectively used to treat skin conditions such as itchy and dry skins. It can also be used to treat serious skin conditions like eczema and other disorders. The treatment lies in a simple sea salt bath which opens up the pores and improved circulation in the skin. The bath also helps to hydrate the skin tissues. It will thus help the skin cure.

#8. Muscle Cramps

In order that muscles should function properly, it needs potassium. Although sea salt has small quantities of potassium, it aids the body in absorbing potassium from other food that we eat. This helps in preventing cramps, muscle pains and spasms.

#9. Sleep

Sea salt has a natural hypnotic effect. It suppresses stress hormones, which will in turn suppress excitement qualities. This will improve the quality of sleep, and you will feel well rested and relaxed after a good night’s sleep.


#10. Weight Control

Salt helps to enhance the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal tract, by producing digestive juices, helping food to digest quickly. This helps to clear the digestive tracts and prevent build-ups. This will prevent weight gain and maintain ideal weight.

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