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10 Health Benefits Of Quinoa

10 Health Benefits Of Quinoa

Quinoa is pronounced KEEN-wah and it is a great source for antioxidants and iron yet it is not as commonly known or talked about like other foods, herbs, minerals or supplements. However, it is a grain that sprung from South America and has gained some popularity over the last few years.

The popularity of quinoa is mainly because of its epochal nutritional health benefits. Many vegans include it in their diets as a means of retaining a gluten-free diet. There are many benefits from the grain, quinoa. Read on to learn more about this nutritious dish.

#1. Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is something that can be prevented and by eating rye, barley and wheat, you can be stricken with celiac disease. Quinoa is a great alternative to wheat and can provide you with plenty of nutrients while it has few prolamin properties.


#2. Good Digestion

Quinoa promotes a healthy digestion system. It has double the fiber of other grains and it helps to improve the flow of waste materials from the body.

#3. Source Of Magnesium

As an excellent choice for obtaining magnesium and for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks, quinoa is it. It simply improves blood flow and the metabolism.

#4. Muscle Growth

Quinoa is an antioxidant which is loaded with manganese. Manganese helps to prevent the damaging effects of cell organelle or mitochondria. Additionally, it bears amino acid lysine which is mainly used by athletics in support of muscle growth.

#5. Rich In Iron

Keeping the red blood cells flourished is another benefit of consuming quinoa as it contains one important element which is iron. This particular nutrient assists the red blood cells necessary to produce hemoglobin. What is more, iron is absolutely required for brain function and for getting enough oxygen to the brain.

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#6. Prevents Cancer

The antioxidant qualities found in quinoa is pivotal in preventing cancer. You should know that quercetin is rich in the quinoa grain. Quercetin is the main nutrient and antioxidant property that is also found in cranberries.

#7. Cures Migraines

Many suffer with migraines however, there is help. The magnesium and riboflavin or vitamin B2 that is found in quinoa has a way of relaxing and expanding the blood vessels, allowing oxygen to circulate into the brain so you can get some much needed relief.

#8. Low Glycemic Index

Sorbitol is a sugary substance that sticks to the kidney cells, nerve cells and in the cells of people with type 2 diabetes. The quercetin in quinoa, a decomposable carbohydrate, knocks the sorbitol levels down with its antioxidant punch to a level that is now manageable. Quinoa has a low glycemic index (GI) and excellent for the diabetics who are having problems controlling their blood sugar levels.

#9. Rich In Potassium

Just as important as quercetin, quinoa is loaded with other key minerals and vitamins like niacin and potassium.

#10. Gluten Free

Quinoa is a gluten free product that is a great source of protein, iron and fiber. It takes less than a half hour to prepare. Start by rinsing off the grains which are small and bitter tasting until you flavor them up with fresh herbs and sides like sweet and juicy red tomatoes, avocados, or fresh cilantro. For a real treat, try some roasted bell peppers to give the meal an added boost of vapidity.

There are many ways in which to prepare a meal with quinoa. You can bake it, fry it, steam it and even grind it. Add vegetables, meat, and even fruit to make a delicious meal that you will want to repeat.

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