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10 Health Benefits Of Papaya

10 Health Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that is very tasty. It is oddly expensive due to its level of perishability.

Most people prefer to make a fruit juice out of it mixed with other fruits.

It may not be very tasty to most people without some spicing up. The papaya fruit has many health benefits. I will discuss some of these below.

#1. Digestion

The papaya fruit aids digestion. The process of digestion can be very challenging if certain foods are consumed. Toddlers do not have a full formed digestive system hence digestion is a milestone. Senior citizens often have digestive problems which give them a phobia to consume food. Papaya contains fiber which smoothens the process of digestion.


#2. Cancer

Cancer is treated by papaya. This condition is bad it is very expensive to treat not to mention hard to diagnose. It presents one with a tedious fight and a horrible death at the end of it all. Papaya has rare antioxidants which battle with cancer. It has the ability to prevent the cancer cells from multiplying thus gradually taming the disease. In conjunction with chemo therapy, papaya can cure cancer.

#3. Heart Disease

Heart disease is prevented by papaya. Heart conditions are very common especially for senior citizens. This conditions have been labeled “rich people illnesses” until recently. The illnesses are caused by accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Papaya has nutrients which prevent formation of cholesterol. This way the cholesterol is present in manageable levels. It does not clog the arteries causing a heart attack.

#4. Diabetes

Papaya helps in management of diabetes. The illness entails the imbalance of blood sugar.  This condition is very common to senior citizens and has also become an issue with children. Papaya has nutrients that regulate blood sugar thus diabetes management. People suffering from this condition are adviced to take papaya juice every day for better health.


#5. Good Eyesight

The eyes are nourished by papaya. The sense of sight is very important to human beings. Without the power of vision one can find surviving a challenge. Papaya contains loads of vitamin C necessary for perfect eye sight. Papaya also prevents children from night blindness which is a condition of not seeing at night. The nutrients in papaya also protect the retina from vicious rays thus preventing blindness.

#6. Hair Growth

Papaya is an amazing natural home remedy for hair growth. Hair is the pride of a woman. Most women suffer from lack of hair growth. Older women also have a problem of hair loss which is very annoying. Papaya nourishes the scalp making it a perfect place for hair to grow. Men also experience falling of hair at an early age which is not exactly expected. Papaya prevents this misfortune.


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#7. Healthy Weight

Healthy weight is maintained by papaya. After the crazy work outs, the night jogs and the unbearable diet one needs something that will ensure the weight stays in check. It can be very disappointing to get all the weight that you lost right back. For people suffering from obesity papaya is good for preventing weight gain.

#8. Increase Appetite

Papaya is an amazing appetite enhancer. The need to eat is very important as it is the genesis of receiving important nutrients in the body. Children often lose appetite which is dangerous considering they are in the rapid growth stage. Old people also suffer from lack of appetite. This is mostly due to certain illnesses that come with age. Papaya contains nutrients that trigger the brain to feel the need for food and hence increase in appetite.

#9. Arthritis

Arthritis is treated by papaya. This a condition where parts of the body are infected and start chipping to a point where they fall in case of lack of treatment. Papaya decreases the possibility of further inflammation gradually curing the condition.

#10. Good Skin

The skin is nourished by papaya. Complexion is everything to a woman. Men also like to appear healthy. The skin can get very ill if not maintained in the proper way. Papaya contains vitamin C and A minerals necessary to keep the skin healthy. It is also used to make anti-aging creams.

Get a blender and make some of that papaya juice.

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