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10 Health Benefits Of Orange Juice

10 Health Benefits Of Orange Juice

At some point in your life, you probably drank orange juice while you were feeling ill in hopes that it would make you feel better. While this may just seem like some silly thing that a mother would suggest to a child, there are actually many components in orange juice that make it great at helping to cure colds, as well as do many other great things. This article will talk about the many health benefits of orange juice.

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#1. Low in Calories

Per cup, orange juice has 112 calories in it (when no sugar is added). This is great to know if you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, or if you are just counting calories.

#2. Low in Fat & Cholesterol

This juice has next to no fat in it, and this includes saturated fats. It also contains zero percent of your daily value of cholesterol. If you want to have healthier arteries and a healthier body, in general, then it is a good idea to consume more low-fat foods and healthy drinks like orange juice.

#3. Low in Sodium

You’d be surprised at how many drinks actually contain large amounts of sodium, namely soft drinks. A cup of orange juice has only about 2mg of sodium, which is less than one percent of your daily sodium intake. Of course, this may vary from brand to brand.

#4. High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C seems to be what orange juice is known for, and it makes sense; one cup of orange juice contains more than two day’s worth of vitamin C! Vitamin C can do all sorts of great things for your body, namely improving your immune system.


#5. A Good Source of Vitamin A

While vitamin A is not as prevalent as vitamin C in orange juice, it can still be important. One cup of orange juice has about 10% of your daily value of vitamin A. Like vitamin C, vitamin A helps to improve your immune system in many different ways.

#6. Full of Antioxidants

Just like it is filled with great vitamins, orange juice is also filled with many different types of healthy antioxidants. These antioxidants can improve your body in many different ways, from improving your immune system to fighting cancer cells.

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#7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Orange juice, as well as many other citric acid juices, are known for having wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. This can help with all sorts of different things, from a stuffy nose to an upset stomach, to even something as serious as arthritis.


#8. Build and Repair Cells

There is an acidic component in orange juice called “ascorbic acid” that can help to protect your cells. This acid is usually found in collagen. Collagen is important because it helps to build new cells, as well as repair old ones. This simple thing can help to keep you healthier.

#9. Improves Blood Circulation

Orange juice contains something called “folate” which you might also know as vitamin B9. This wonderful thing can help to stimulate red blood cell production. It can also encourage your blood to flow more easily for your body. This can help with all sorts of cardiovascular problems, including lowering your risk for a heart attack.

#10. Improves Kidney Function

Your kidneys are small bean-shaped organs in the lower half of your back. These organs filter all sorts of things to make sure that your body keeps the healthy stuff and gets rid of the bad. Drinking orange juice can help to further detox your body in a way, which can improve your kidney’s function at the same time.

Orange juice is full of many great health benefits and it’s simply tasty. Drink this juice whenever you are feeling ill, or just when you’re thirsty. It’s sure to help you out either way!

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