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10 Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has many health benefits for the human body.

#1. Cardiac Health

Mustard oil improves cardiac health. Monosaturated and poloysaturated oils work tirelessly to lower the bad cholesterol and replace it with good cholesterol.

The balance of cholesterol is needed to regulate amount of fat in the blood hence preventing obesity. This is a lot of help with cardiac health.

#2. Improves Immunity

Immunity is an important role that mustard oil assists in. Elements like manganese and copper found in mustard oil serve this purpose.

Mustard oil supports general health by giving the body more ability to fight disease.


#3. Increases Digestion

The process of digestion gains a lot if one consumes mustard oil. Mucilage is a thick slimy liquid found in mustard oil that makes digestion a walk in the park. Mucilage greases the digested food making it easier to slide through the digestive tract.

This action prevents constipation and discomfort in passing stool. Mustard seed is also high in fiber making it even more necessary for digestion. Mustard oil increases production of saliva. Thus efficient for digestion.

#4. Relieves Arthritis

Mustard oil relives muscle pain and prevents symptoms of arthritis. The oil is anti inflammatory due to the presents of selenium and magnesium. It also has the ability to generate heat. When applied to the muscle, it produces heat and relieves muscle pain. In case of muscle pain , mustard oil should be used to massage the patient and the pain will reduce significantly.


#5. Cure For Asthma

Asthma is a notorious condition that affects a lot of people in the world but thanks to mustard oil the symptoms are reduced. Asthma attacks can be very scary and dangerous and should be reduced at all cost. Intake of mustard oil makes it easier to breath and reduces the shortness of breath.

Presence of magnesium also makes mustard oil anti inflammatory. Patients suffering from asthma should have regular intake of the oil so that the symptoms of asthma are controlled.

#6. Prevents Cancer

Mustard oil is a home remedy that prevents and controls certain cancers. Gastrointestinal cancer is common and can be prevented by regular consumption of mustard oil. Mustard oil is a hub for phytonutrients which fight gastrointestinal cancers. The oil has amazing properties that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They also prevent formation of new cancer cells thus controlling the disease.

#7. Fights Infection

There are antibacterial properties found in mustard oil. The oil is capable of fighting infections in the digestive tract (the intestines and the colon). On the skin, mustard oil does its magic on bacterial and fungal infections.

In case of bacterial infection on the skin just apply a few drops on the infected area and it will be healed. Dentists have also found that mustard oil prevents cavities and can be used in the process of root canal.

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#8. Aids Weight Loss

Mustard oil is a necessity during weight loss. Obesity is a condition that puts general health at risk. Teenagers suffer a lot in this area.

Mustard oil contains elements with b-complex vitamins (niacin, Riboflavin, folates, thiamine) all which hasten metabolism in human beings. A fast metabolism is the key to weight loss.

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#9. Promotes Hair Growth

Hair growth is assisted in more ways than one by mustard oil. In the process of oil production, beta carotene present in oil is converted to vitamin A which then stimulates hair growth. Mustard oil has properties which promote hair growth for example iron and magnesium. One should use the oil to massage the scalp to help with hair growth and also prevent dandruff, Let the oil stay for an hour then wash your hair with shampoo.

#10. Anti Aging

Mustard oil has anti aging properties. The flavonoid and caretonoid are antioxidants found in mustard oil that prevent fast aging. The vitamins i.e A, C and K also found here control the aging process. Research has found that people who consume mustard oil look younger than their fellow mates who do no consume the oil.

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