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10 Health Benefits Of Milk

10 Health Benefits Of Milk

Milk is a liquid enjoyed by toddlers, adults and cats.

It has nutrients and minerals which are necessary for the human body.

There is a very interesting fact about human beings and milk, humans are among the few animals who consume milk from other animals. Let us see some health benefits of milk.

#1. Digestion

Digestion is aided by milk. Smooth digestion is important as it prevents the stomach from aching. Stomach upsets are the last thing you want at work or home. Milk generously nourishes the intestines and makes digestion very easy. Consuming milk during breakfast ensures a happy tummy throughout the day.


#2. Immunity

Milk strengthens immunity. It is very important to have a strong immune system to defend the body against diseases. Otherwise the body may suffer multiple attacks. Milk contains nutrients that make the white blood cells fight diseases efficiently. New born babies are given milk to help improve the function of the immune system. People suffering from immune diseases which is a condition of lack of immunity are advised to add milk to their diet.

#3. Cancer

Cancer is prevented by milk. Cancer is a terrible disease and the treatment leaves the victim broken beyond repair. The cost also leaves those responsible poor. The nutrients in milk e.g. Vitamin D and calcium work against cancer cells. People who come from families who have suffered loss due to this disease are advised to consume milk.

#4. Strong Bones & Teeth

Milk facilitates formation of strong bones and teeth. Weak bones are the reason for multiple fractures in minor accidents. Joint pains are also a sign of weak bones. Weak teeth can be less steady and shake or break apparently. Calcium present in milk strengthens the bones and teeth. Athletes are advised to take at least two glasses of milk daily to improve the health of their bones.

#5. Hydration

Hydration is given a boost by milk. A long journey or a tedious jog can cause dehydration. The body requires fluids to bring back normalcy. Milk gives it that extra boost to be able to come back to live. It also replaces the electrolytes lost during the jog.


#6. Acid Intolerance

Milk is good for people with acid intolerance. High acidity is very uncomfortable. People suffering from this condition get a burning sensation in the chest. They also have unbearable belches. The science about it is that milk makes the stomach neutral by diluting the acidity in the stomach. This action prevents the burning sensation in the chest commonly known as heartburn.

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#7. Weight Loss

Milk works well during weight loss. Women are the center of focus in this issue of weight and milk. This liquid makes one full once consumed before meals making it impossible for them to over eat. The nutrients present in milk help in the hastening of human (female) metabolism hence good for weight loss.

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#8. Hair Growth

Hair growth is promoted by milk. Hair is the most important thing to a woman. It has been labeled the beauty of a woman. Men have also come to appreciate hair. Milk nourishes the scalp making it health. This provides a good environment for hair growth.

#9. Insomnia

Insomnia is cured by milk. This a condition where the patient lacks sleep. Even after not sleeping the whole day. Sleep is important to help the body get back to its normal functions after a long day. It is important for the brain to rest for at least 6 hours a day to maintain sanity. A glass of milk before bedtime does the trick. Thank me later.

#10. Skin Care

Milk is very important for the skin. The skin an interesting organ. It can get very pretty or very ugly. The rashes that appear on the skin during puberty are very uncomfortable and may persist till after puberty. Milk has the ability to prevent this from happening. Milk nourishes the skin preventing aging of the skin.

It is very clear that milk is necessary in your diet. It may seem trivial but it is not. Now is a good time to go to the fridge and get yourself a glass of milk.

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