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10 Health Benefits Of Lemon Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil as the name states, it is extracted from the lemon fruit. Lemon trees are grown everywhere across the globe and therefore finding this beneficial oil is an easy thing.

In this article you will discover the amazing things this lemon oil can do to your health in a natural wholesome and inexpensive way.

#1. White Teeth

We all want to have that sparkling, infectious and memorable smile that will live an impact to everyone around us. At times we may not be able to achieve this because of stained teeth caused by strong beverages like coffee. Well you can be able to get that sparkling white teeth in an easy way. Just by adding lemon oil in coconut oil and baking soda and brushing your teeth with this paste you will have your sparkling white teeth and smile as much as you want.


#2. Boost Immune System

White blood cells are the cells which majorly help our bodies to fight diseases. At times they may be low in count which makes it hard for them to carry out this function properly. By taking lemon oil, we are able to help our bodies boost the levels of white blood cells and further boosting the immune system because lemon oil contains vitamins which are essential for this function in the body.

#3. Overcome Fatigue

Sitting in traffic for long periods of time, running around because of work, school or even family makes some of us end up being stressed. By inhaling lemon oil, you give your mind that calmness that it needs from all the stress. Making the exhaustion and fatigue that you have been feeling in your body ebb away. Try this home remedy next time you feel drained and share the experience.

#4. Controls Fever

Both adults and children experience high fever due to ailment like malaria, colds and flu. An easier way of controlling this fever as you seek for further medication is by using lemon oil. It will work on the fever effectively and within limited time.


#5. Fights Acidity

We may have too much acidity due to different conditions in our stomach environment caused by the food we eat or other variables. To regularize the acidity level and put it back to normalcy, put some lemon oil in your drinking water and drink it and all the acidity that you have been feeling will go away.

#6. Bad Breath

We may suffer from bad breath due to mouth sores or tooth decay or poor oral cleanliness that leads to build up of bacteria that cause bad breath. Lemon oil helps in improving our oral health by healing the mouth sores and getting rid of the bacteria that causes bad breath leaving you with a fresh, clean lemon tinged breath.

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#7. Insomnia

At the end of a hard day we need the much needed rests so as to be able to carry out our activities the next day. And this rest comes in the form of sleep, at times we may suffer from insomnia due to factors like anxiety and others. Lemon oil has the ability to give your body and mind that relaxing effect making it easy for you to fall asleep.

#8. Detox

Let me give you a secret to detox your body. First thing in the morning after waking up and before putting anything in your mouth. Take a glass of drinking water, add some generous amounts of lemon oil and drink this mixture. It will help in removing toxins from your body especially your liver and kidney. Make it your daily routine without fail.


#9. Digests Food

Lemon oil contains agents that acts as catalyst to the enzymes that help in digestion of food. If you are feeling constipated due to indigestion, just add a few drops of lemon oil in a tall glass of warm water and this problem will be solved.

#10. Reduce Weight

Regular intake of water with lemon oil will help in reducing your appetite and thus help you in reducing that extra weight.

Above is not all the benefits of lemon oil, it can also be used in treating acne as well as managing type 2 diabetes. Use lemon oil for the benefit of your body.

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