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10 Health Benefits Of Green Peas

10 Health Benefits Of Green Peas

Green peas are also known as garden peas. They are grown in cold climates. Peas and legumes belong to the plant family known as Fabaceae. There are three types of peas: green peas, garden peas and snow peas. They contain starch, sugar, and contain unusual health protective phytonutrients.

Recent research says that daily consumption of green peas and legumes lowers the risk of stomach cancer (Gastric cancer). They are a good source of vegetable protein. Green peas are having plenty of B complex which helps in complete functioning of the body. They contain minimum calories, no cholesterol and are a good source of folic acid. Here are a few health benefits of green peas that help to cure certain ailments.

green peas

#1. Weight Loss

Peas contain low fat, low calories and rich fiber which help in reducing weight. Peas provide lots of essential nutrients which keeps a person healthy.

#2. Stomach Cancer

Peas contain high quantity of health protective polyphenol which helps to prevent stomach cancer. Green peas are an excellent home remedy for stomach cancer.

#3. Anti-Aging

Green peas are high in antioxidants beta carotene, phenolic acid and coumestrol etc. Large amounts of Vitamin C are found in peas and they make your skin look healthy and wrinkle free by reducing the aging process.

#4. Arthritis

Green peas have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing heart disease, cancer, bronchitis, arthritis etc. Vitamin K is present in peas and prevents serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

#5. Regulates Blood Sugar

High fiber and protein present in peas help in lowering the blood sugar and easy digestion of food. Antioxidants prevent the insulin resistance. Oxidative stresses can be cured by peas and sugar level can be reduced. They contain minerals like zinc and magnesium, no cholesterol and low quantities of fat and sodium.

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They contain natural sugar and provide your brain glucose without harming blood sugar level. Green peas also help to reduce fasting sugar and also fasting insulin levels.

peas salad

#6. Prevents Wrinkles

Adding green peas in daily diet helps to remove wrinkles and lines. They are rich in vitamin C and have the antioxidant required for the healthy tissues and glowing skin.


#7. Improves Immune System

Green peas boost your immunity because they are packed with full of antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, K and Omega 3 which make your immune system strong. They are rich in vitamin C which prevent severe cold and cough.

#8. Prevents Heart Disease

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds present in green peas help to maintain healthy blood vessels. Essential vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and B6 reduce the risk of heart disease. They also have sufficient amount of vitamin K which prevent artery calcification. Presence of good nutrients in peas keeps the heart healthy. They help in lowering high LDL and cholesterol.

#9. Prevents Osteoporosis

Peas are rich in Vitamin K which makes bones strong and prevents osteoporosis. They are rich in vitamin K which helps in absorption of calcium to reduce osteoporosis. They have good nutrients which make bones strong.

#10. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

The niacin which is present in peas helps to reduce triglycerides and lowers the bad cholesterol.

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