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10 Health Benefits Of Green Beans

10 Health Benefits Of Green Beans

Green beans are also commonly known as string beans. They have very fleshy, flavoury and yummy pods.

These beans have managed to get popularity all over the word due to their amazing taste and negligible calorie count. Below are health benefits associated with the green beans.

#1. Cardiovascular Health

Green beans improve cardiovascular health. Potassium present in the beans regulates blood pressure. The beans also prevent heart disease. The potassium also regulates blood pressure which is the genesis of heart disease.

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#2. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a common disease which is brought to a manageable state by green beans. Chlorophyll present in the beans inhibits carcinogenic symptoms of heterocyclic amines brought about when grilling meat in very high temperatures.

People who like grilled meat are advised to include green beans in their diet.

#3. Promotes Fertility

Green beans have elements that promote fertility in women. Iron which is present in the beans rises chances of a woman conceiving.

Folic acid is also a necessity for child bearing and is provided by green beans. If you want to have a baby, you know what to get at the grocery store. (tip; its green beans).

#4. Bone Health

Bone health is an important issue that green beans improve. Vitamin K generously offered by the beans prevents breaking of the bones. Kids who consume the beans have rare episodes of fractures as opposed to those who do not consume it. Calcium is also provided by the beans but in small quantities sufficient to promote bone health.

#5. Prevents Infection

Green beans prevent infections which the human body is so prone to. Niacin is one of the components of green beans and also an amazing vaccine against infection. The beans also contain Thiamine which has qualities of infection prevention.

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#6. Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is important to the proper functioning of the body and it is in large amounts found in green beans. The fiber keeps the mucus membrane in the colon intact preventing infection.

The membrane shields the colon against toxins. Fiber also gets rid of bad cholesterol by bringing down reabsorption of bile acids that bind cholesterol in the colon.

#7. Prevents Depression

Green beans prevent symptoms of depression. Foliate present in green beans is the main focus when dealing with depression. Consumption of the beans supplies foliate which regulates production of homocysteine which prevents blood from getting to the brain and hence stress. Homocystein is also responsible of inhibiting production of feel good hormones in the human body which bring about mood swings.


#8. Increases Potassium

Cell and body fluid is a necessity that green beans maintain. Potassium found in the beans contributes to cell production in the human body. Body fluid movement is also aided by potassium kindly provided by the green bean.

#9. Low Calories

Calories which are harmful to general health are almost absent in green beans. The beans are a low calorie food. This is good food for balanced diet. People suffering from obesity and weight gain are advised to take these beans as opposed to high calorie foods.

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#10. Minerals

Antioxidant properties are evident in green beans. The beans contain vitamin c and beta-carotene which are obvious antioxidants. These properties are a blessing to general well being of the body.

Green beans are very rich in nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the body. These nature have found then plastered in walls of dietary clinics. Most diet patients are advised to add them to their diet for better nutrition. You should go to the grocery store now to purchase a bunch of these amazing beans.

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