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10 Health Benefits Of Ghee

10 Health Benefits Of Ghee

Ghee is good for the mind and spirit and this is why…

#1. High Heating Point

Ever thought of using ghee to fry foods that require a high heating point and were afraid that you’d run out of it and keep adding more like most oils.

Worry not as ghee has a high heating point.

This is great and consistent and helps with especially foods that need high heat to cook.

#2. No Expiry

Unlike most oils, and foods and mostly anything for cooking everything has an expiry point. When it comes to ghee, as long as it is well refrigerated ghee can last you as long as 100 years! Wow! Imagine having a constant lifetime supply of ghee that you never have to worry about its expiration. Awesome right?

#3. Lactose Intolerance

Are you lactose intolerant so you try and avoid all sorts of milk products because you get reactions or they affect your immunity in some sorts of way? Worry not because ghee is the solution. Though gee is made from butter the dairy products and impurities have been removed so that those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy some ghee whenever they want to.

#4. Boosts Energy

Do you love to run or partake in any fitness exercise that helps you burn fat? Then the intake of ghee will certainly help in keep you energized all the time. Ghee helps in maintaining day to day energy and good boost for the immunity.

#5. Increases Appetite

Do you sometimes suffer from a low appetite or sometimes your food intake is just low. Sometimes when you serve food you play with it instead of eating because you just don’t feel like eating it. A consistent amount of ghee can boost your appetite. Ghee helps in making you feel more interested in healthy eating and certainly boosts your appetite.

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#6. Boosts Immunity

Consumption of ghee boosts the immunity. So the next time you feel like your immunity is low or you feel like you’re not having enough foods to boost your immunity, the consistent consumption of ghee will help boost your immunity to help you with your day to day activities.

#7. Helps Digestion

Have you been having problems digesting foods and drinks you consume, or know someone who suffers from this? Water helps with digestion bit what may help you in an accompaniment of water is also ghee. With ghee it helps you digest food easy and fast. Try this you will certainly see the results fast, but one needs to consistently intake ghee for a good digestive system.


#8. Fights Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is quite common in the century that we live in. cancer has taken our loved ones away in unexpected times and cancer has also had many people spend lots of many in radiation and chemotherapy. Ghee helps in fighting and mostly the prevention of cancer. So avoid the visits to the doctor for screenings and biopsies by using some ghee in your day to day diet.

#9. Weight Loss

Jogging, running, dieting or even portion controls are great ways of losing weight. For some the struggle in losing weight can take months or even years. This process of losing weight can be frustrating and one can even feel like it is a waste of time. Worry not because it has been proven that the daily usage of ghee helps one lose the weight that one wants to get rid of. What ghee does is the energy it produces helps the body break all unwanted fats in the body.


#10. Good Sleep

Yoga is great and also sleep but the next time you’re facing a trying time or are stressed out and looking to channel positive thoughts, try some ghee. What it does is cleanse the body and the spirit and begins to help you channel in positive thoughts and positive vibes. Just what you need for relaxation. Try it, your friends will see a change in you and do not shy off to share the secret, that amongst everything else ghee is good for the mind, body and spirit.

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