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10 Health Benefits Of Fuller’s Earth

10 Health Benefits Of Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth is made up of a type of clay full of minerals, such as quartz, iron, calcium and magnesium. It is mostly available in powdered form but when added to water it blends nicely. It comes in different colors such as brown, blue or green.

Fuller’s earth is used for many different natural home remedies such as various forms of treatment and medicine. It is even used by military and civil emergency personnel to decontaminate clothing and equipment. Historically, it was used in cleaning raw wool by removing oil and dirt. It gets its name from the textile workers or ‘fullers’ who created this concoction to save time removing the oil from sheep’s wool.

fullers earth

#1. Remove Dirt

Fuller’s Earth can remove dirt and oil from our skin. There are many heath benefits of Fuller’s earth clay. The use of this substance on our skin can help circulation and blood flow. It helps lighten the skin’s pigment and freckles, moles, and scars. It can be used as a mask, paste or topical solution. It has a cooling effect on the skin as well.

#2. Antiseptic

Fuller’s earth clay can act as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory also. It heals skin irritation. It can prevent and heal drying on the scalp naturally along with the skin on the rest of the body.

#3. Treat Skin

Fuller’s earth is very absorbent. It can treat the oils in our skin and hair. It helps treat blemishes and acne. It can improve a dull complexion. It can also be used in cat litter or in fertilizers and pesticides. It is used to treat oil spills. Machine shops and factories use fuller’s clay.

#4. Treat Pain

You can also use the clay as a cold or warm compress to treat pain, burns or insect bites. Mix with either warm or cold water and apply it to a cloth then hold it against the affected area. It has a soothing and healing effect.

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#5. Skin Care

Fuller’s earth is used often in the beauty industry. It is a natural ingredient in skin and hair care products. It has cleansing, oil absorbing and antiseptic properties. It also is not too expensive. Luckily it can be beneficial for a reasonable price.


#6. Shampoo

Fuller’s earth clay can be used as a substitute for shampoo. It can help with split ends as well as dry scalp or dandruff. Wash your hair once or twice a week with mixture of fuller’s earth and milk. Then use regular shampoo in between.

For dandruff cure, mix fuller’s earth with orange peel powder. Apply to scalp and hair and leave it in for 20 minutes. Then rinse.

#7. Straight Hair

It can also straighten hair. Use a mixture of oil, eggs and fuller’s clay. Mix into a paste and comb into your hair. Let it sit for 45 minutes and then wash it out.

straight hair

#8. Face Mask

Fuller’s earth can be used as a home remedy for facial mask, paste or peel. It can remove scars and improve elasticity as well as treat acne and reduce excess oil. There are many different mixtures and masks that serve this purpose. For instance mixing fuller’s earth with honey and glycerin into a paste can help cleanse and moisture as well as remove dry skin.

#9. Blood Circulation

Fuller’s earth can help relieve tired arms and legs by stimulating blood flow and circulation. Mix with water and rub onto your aching parts.

#10. Tattoo Removal

Some use fuller’s clay for tattoo removal. It is a home remedy and may take up to eight treatments but can be less intrusive and costly than laser treatments.

Fuller’s earth has many uses and used in many home remedies and we are lucky to have found this natural substance.

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