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10 Health Benefits Of Eggplants

10 Health Benefits Of Eggplants

Eggplant is also known as brinjal, garden egg and many other names. It has an egg like shape and is purple in color. It comes in many shapes and colors. It comes in small and oblong shape. It also comes in long and skinny forms. The color also varies from purple to white and green. Irrespective of its name and shape contains many nutrients and other chemical compounds which are beneficial to human health. Eggplants have vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and phytonutrients and are rich in fibre. All these are beneficial to human health. It is also rich in flavonoid. Some health benefits derived from eggplant are:

#1. Blood Pressure

Eggplant has chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps in reducing LDL(bad cholesterol levels) in blood. Decrease in bad cholesterol keeps blood pressure under control.

#2. Keeping Weight in Control

Eggplant offers a high fiber low calorie diet. Dietary fibers help in weight management by acting as bulking agents in our digestive system. This makes one feel full for a longer time and lowers appetite. Consequently the overall calorie intake is lower. Eggplant itself is low in calorie. Thus it helps in weight management and control.

#3. Inhibits Age Related Mental Disorders

Eggplant skin is very important as it contains anthocyanin, which facilitates blood flow to the brain. Improved blood flow to the brain helps in preventing age related mental disorders. It also improves memory.

#4. Cancer Control

Regular intake of eggplant can help in preventing colon cancer. The polyphenols which are present in eggplant in known to have anticancer effects. Eggplants are anti-oxidants and they also contain anti-inflammatory compounds. They protect cell from damage, inhibit tumor growth and spread of cancer cells.

#5. Good for Heart

Eggplant is rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B-6. It also has potassium and flavonoid. All these support heart health and reduced risk of heart diseases.

#6. Good for Digestion

The rich fiber in eggplant protects the digestive tract, promotes bowel movement, and prevents constipation.

#7. Controls Diabetes

The high fiber content and low soluble carbohydrate in eggplant helps in regulating your blood sugar. This will lower the risk of diabetes. Studies have shown that regular eating of eggplant reduces the risk of diabetes at least by twenty percent. The other antioxidant in eggplant, chlorogenic acid is considered as one of the best antioxidants in preventing free radical damage. This lowers the risk of not only diabetes but also heart disease and cancer.

#8. Good for Anemia

Eggplant is rich in iron, calcium and other minerals. These help in building blood cells. Eating eggplant regularly can help in building blood cells and preventing anemia.

#9. Prevents Blood Clots

The bioflavonoid and vitamin K which are present in eggplant help in preventing blood clots and they also strengthens capillaries.

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#10. Strengthens Brain Cells

The skin of eggplant contains an antioxidant and a nutrient called nasunin. This antioxidant helps in preventing free radical to cause damage to the brain cells.

With all these health benefits, is there any reason why we should not be eating more and more eggplant?

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