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10 Health Benefits Of Dry Ginger

10 Health Benefits Of Dry Ginger

Dry Ginger is a spice which is extensively used in the Indian kitchen. Ginger is generally dried, powdered and stored for use. Ginger has three main compounds namely gingerol, shogaol and zigerone. These compounds have medicinal value.

Ginger is used as a culinary spice for spicing food and beverages, adding flavor to food. It is also brewed and ginger tea is both tasty and has health benefits. Dry Ginger has a number of health benefits and some of them are given below.

#1. Cure for Nausea & Vomiting

Tea made of dry ginger powder by adding half a tea spoon of ginger powder to a cup of water which has come to boil. Allow the powder to soak for about ten minutes. Sweeten it with a tea spoon of honey and drink. This will help cure nausea and vomiting. This is also a good home remedy for motion sickness.

#2. Anti Inflammatory

Dry ginger has gingerol, which has anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antipyretic properties. Half a tea spoon of ginger powder boiled in water and consumed will relieve inflammation, and it eases joint pain caused by inflammation.

#3. Fever Relief

The gingerol present in dry ginger also has antipyretic properties. Drinking ginger tea will provide relief from fever.

#4. Cure for Common Cold

Ginger helps to fight common cold. You can drink ginger tea two or three times a day to get relief from common cold. Alternatively you can simply consume a little raw ginger. Mixing it with jaggery and consuming it helps stop a running nose.

#5. Weight Management

Dry ginger is rich in fiber. The fiber will slow down the release of food to the digestive tract from the stomach. This gives one a feeling of fullness for a longer time preventing over eating and thus helps control weight.

#6. Digestion

The fiber content in dry ginger controls the rate of release of food to the digestive tract and the digestive tract will have sufficient time to digest to food. Fiber also helps in absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract and thus aids digestion.

#7. Acne

Dry ginger has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Therefore ginger helps in killing acne causing bacteria and also clears the pores of the skin preventing acne. You can prepare a face mask by making a paste of a little ginger powder, milk powder and water. Apply this paste to the face and wait for about fifteen minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Doing this once a week will keep acne away.

#8. Aches

Ginger paste is known to have been effectively used as a natural home remedy for headaches and throat aches. Application of a paste prepared out of dry ginger powder on the forehead helps in relieving headaches. This can also be used as a natural remedy for throat pain. Apply the paste on the throat to get relief from throat pain.

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#9. Flatulence

Ginger effectively clears flatulence. Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with dry ginger powder, a pinch of asafoetida and a little black salt is known to relieve flatulence.

#10. Diarrhea

Ginger contains a compound called zingerone, and is antibacterial. It also contains volatile oils gingerols and shogaols, which help in producing enzymes which neutralize acids which cause diarrhea.

A word of caution

People who are on medication for diabetes and hypertension desists from resorting to dry ginger for relief, as dry ginger is known to lower blood sugar and also bring down blood pressure.

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