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10 Health Benefits of Chestnuts

10 Health Benefits of Chestnuts

Chestnuts are largely grown in the northern hemisphere in the cool seasons. They are grown mostly in the hilly forests of Europe, America, Japan and China. There are four varieties of Chestnuts which can be distinguished by the part of the world in which it is grown. Chestnuts are rich in minerals. They are also low in calories and fats. This makes the fruit not only nutritious but also highly beneficial to health. Listed below are the ten health benefits of chestnuts.


#1. Control of Cholesterol Levels

Chestnut provides a good fiber diet. Fiber in diet helps to prevent our intestines from absorbing excess cholesterol. It thus helps in controlling cholesterol levels in our body, which helps in controlling blood pressure.

#2. Prevents Constipation

Chestnut provides a good amount of dietary fiber. Fiber in diet will help the system to digest food easily. Fibrous diet will ease bowel movement and thus helps in preventing constipation.

#3. Protection from Common Cold

Chest nuts are rich in vitamin C. Chestnuts are also anti oxidants. Being rich in vitamin C it offers protection against common cold. Its anti oxidant properties will help the system to strengthen its immune system. The body also develops and immunity against common cold.


#4. Prevents Coronary Artery Disease

Chest nut is rich in fibre. It is also rich source for acids like oleic acid, Palmitoleic acids, which are monounsaturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fats help in:
a. Lowering the LDL(bad cholesterol) levels in blood and
b. Increase the HDL(Good cholesterol) levels in blood
This helps in maintaining a healthy blood lipid profile, prevention of coronary artery diseases and strokes.

#5. Helps in Reducing Heart Rate

Chestnuts are rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. It also provides considerable amount of potassium. Potassium tends to neutralize to a great extent the hypertensive effect of sodium. This home remedy effectively reduces the heart rate and the blood pressure.

#6. Matrix formation in teeth, bones & blood vessels

Vitamin C is essential for matrix formation in blood vessels, bones and teeth. Chestnut is rich in vitamin C. Therefore chest nut is highly beneficial in matrix formation in blood vessels, bones and teeth.

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#7. Helps Formation of Red Blood Cells

Chest nut is a good source of folic acid as it is rich in folates. For the formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis, folic acid is essential. Consumption of adequate quantity of nuts will provide the folic acid required for the formation of red blood cells.

#8. Prevents Anemia

Chest nuts among other minerals are a rich source of iron. Iron helps in building blood and prevents anemia.

#9. Helps in Bone Metabolism

Magnesium and phosphorus are important minerals and play a vital role in bone metabolism. Chest nut being rich in Magnesium and phosphorus helps in bone metabolism.

#10. Helps Recuperation From Illnesses

Chest nut is also rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B combined with a host of helpful minerals, and the fibres diet it offers helps in recuperation from illnesses.

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