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10 Health Benefits of Cheese

10 Health Benefits of Cheese

There are over 300 different kinds of  cheeses around the world. Cheese is everywhere. We can grate it on our food, put slices on sandwiches, or even just eat it in sticks as a snack.

With so many different ways to eat cheese, we really should figure out if we should be eating cheese in the first place. Even though some people may not think of cheese as the healthiest food out there, it does have some pretty great health benefits.

#1. Low or No Carbs

Many people are trying to cut down on carbs in today’s time, it is good to know that many kinds of cheese are either low in carbs or they have no carbs in them. This is helpful for diabetics to know as well. Since there are so many kinds of cheeses, make sure to check the package that you get it in to get the exact carbohydrate calorie count of this kind of cheese that you are eating.

#2. Lactose Intolerance

While it is true that many kinds of cheese do affect lactose intolerance in a negative way, some cheeses can actually help. Cheeses known as “hard cheeses” have a relatively low milk percentage in them. While lactose intolerance people should not eat a lot of this cheese, they can still eat some without it upsetting their digestive system too much. Swiss cheese is one example of a hard cheese.

#3. The Constipation Myth

While some people think that eating cheese will cause them to become constipated, there is actually no proof that this happens. While cheese doesn’t usually have fiber in it, this doesn’t mean that it will work like the opposite of fiber. If you are worried about getting constipated from eating cheese anyway, then simply eat less of it at a time.

#4. Some Good Bacteria

Like yogurt, some cheeses have good bacteria in them. This good bacteria can help to move along your digestive system and help to keep you “regular.” While this can help with your digestive system, some other ingredients in cheese can also help with other parts of your body as well…

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#5. Healthy Mouth

Even though it may not seem like it, digestion actually starts in your mouth. The different ingredients in cheese can help to make your mouth produce more saliva, which can aid in digestion. This can also get rid of some of the excess bacteria in your mouth so that it won’t hurt your teeth or any other part of your digestive system.

#6. Healthy Teeth

Many of the foods that we eat contains high levels of acids, which can damage our teeth over time and wear down enamel. Eating cheese can help to get rid of this acid and replace it with healthy minerals so that it can’t hurt your teeth as much. You can do this by eating cheese alone after a meal, or simply adding it to your meals.

#7. Healthy Bones

Milk contains high amounts of calcium, which is obviously then found in cheese. Calcium is great at helping to keep your bones and teeth stronger. This means that you will be less likely to break or fracture bones. Different types of cheese have different levels of calcium in them, so make sure to check the package to find out just how much calcium is in it.

#8. Other Minerals

Along with calcium, cheese also contains many other important minerals that can help our diet and our general body function. Cheese also contains phosphorus, which can help with bone health, and zinc, which can help with boosting your immune system.

#9. Great Vitamins

Cheese also contains many vitamins that can help. Cheese contains vitamins A and B12. Vitamin A can help us to protect and boost our immune system like zinc. Vitamin B12 can help to improve our nerve and blood functions.

#10. Weight Gain

If you are trying to gain more weight, then eating cheese is a great way to do this. Cheese tends to be high in calories, and it also helps to increase a person’s appetite. Simply adding cheese to your meals can add a good deal of calories, which  can help with weight gain over time.

While there may be many bad myths about cheese, these are some actual health benefits that you can gain from cheese. Eating cheese in moderation can be great for you, but just try not to go overboard unless you are actually trying to gain weight.

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