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10 Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

10 Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

These yummy bean shaped nuts are filled with nutritive value. Cashew nuts can be eaten as they are or mixed in other dishes. Cashew nuts have unrivaled benefits for our health and we will have a look at some of them.

#1. Improve Nerves Co-Ordination

Imagine walking around with a cut on your hand and you are not feeling any pain, this is because your nerves have not relayed that information to your brain. Cashew nut contains magnesium which prevents calcium from going into the nerve cells. Calcium in the nerve cells may lead to them being unresponsive or slow in delivering information to the brain and other parts of the body.


 #2. Strong Bones

We need strong healthy bones because practically the bones support our body weight and help us move around. Cashew nuts have minerals like calcium and magnesium too which is important for healthy bones as well.

#3. Prevents Cancer

Copper found in cashew nut is good for our health. This copper and other anti-oxidant agents found in cashew stops the development or progression of cancer tumor cells. The copper and anti-oxidant will hinder any growth of these cells especially the colon cancer cells. Don’t wait for cancer, fight it off before it gets to you.

#4.  Zero Cholesterol

The most interesting thing about cashew nuts is that they are free of cholesterol. The color and size might fool us into thinking that it has a lot of cholesterol. Anything which is cholesterol free is obviously good for the heart and arteries and the fear of having heart disease will never cross our minds.

#5. Good For Blood Pressure

The fact that cashew nuts are rich in magnesium makes it good for the blood because the magnesium helps in regulating and normalizing blood pressure. High blood pressure can be fatal because it may lead to cardiac arrest, stroke and in pregnant women it may lead to fatal death and even the loss of life of the expecting mother.

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#6. Digestion

These amazing cashew nuts are good for the digestion. They contain acids that are catalyst to the digestive enzymes thus hastening the digestion process. Worry of constipation and bloating should not hinder you from enjoying your favorite cuisine because by eating cashew nuts your metabolism worries will be a thing of the past.


#7. Eye Health

No matter what age we are in, our eyes are sometime affected by harsh conditions like dust and extreme weather conditions and UV rays. Cashew nuts have anti-oxidants that help our eyes filter this extreme UV rays and protect the eyes from further damage. No matter what age you are in having cashew nuts at least twice a week will a go way in boosting your eye health.

#8. Weight Loss

There is a misconception out there that eating cashew nuts will make your waist line increase because of too much intake of fats. For people who eat cashew nuts at least twice or thrice a week tend to lose more weight than people who do not eat nuts at all. If you  are struggling to get rid of that bulge around your stomach, then cashew nut is the right snack for you.

#9. Minerals

The amount of assorted minerals and vitamins found in cashew nuts is astounding; copper, calcium, magnesium selenium among others which have specific roles in the cells and organs in our bodies. Whenever you eat a cashew nut you are boosting the mineral levels in your body and thus improving the functions that it needs to carry out.

#10. Healthy Hair

By eating cashew nuts you do not need hair color to darken your hair; copper which is found in generous amounts in this nut helps to produce melanin which is the color pigment found on our skin and hair. This melanin adds natural color to hair and giving it that lustrous dark color. No need for hair color when you have cashew nuts.

Just by taking these nuts twice a week, you would have given your body more than enough benefits. It is good for your gums and teeth too.

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