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10 Health Benefits Of Carrots

10 Health Benefits Of Carrots

Many experts believe carrots to be one of the most beneficial foods. It is blessed with many minerals and vitamins that could together prove to be helpful for almost all the body parts. Some of the most popular health benefits of carrots are discussed in this article.

#1. Better Vision

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A. This vitamin could play a major role in improving the eyesight of a person. Thus one must try consuming carrots in good quantities and in a regular fashion so as to have an eagle like eyesight.

#2. Protects From Heart Diseases

Carrots are very helpful for people suffering from heart afflictions and also from blood pressure problems. Carrots are blessed with three important ingredients namely lutein, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. These three could help in lowering the chances of a heart attack. In addition to this the potassium present in carrots can play a major role in relaxing and lowering tension inside the blood vessel and also avoid arteriosclerosis of the arteries. This relaxation could help in facilitating an increased blood flow and also circulation.


#3. Better Oral Health

Carrots could prove to be very beneficial for improving your oral health. Using it is very easy as all you have to do is eat it! Eating carrots could take care of the plaque and food particles as these get scraped off keeping the teeth and gums impeccably clean. In addition to this carrots also helps in increasing the saliva content of the mouth. The alkaline property of saliva helps in balancing the acidity of the mouth and in killing the bacteria.

All this could help in the prevention of some of the common yet serious problems like cavities and halitosis. Carrots are also abundant in vitamin C which is basically a natural antioxidant and is water soluble in nature. Thus it could help in the maintenance of a connective tissue, teeth and also gums.

#4. Protection Of Liver

Carrots could play a major role in protecting the liver. It could work as a shield against the toxic and dangerous effects of environment chemicals that we intake in some or the other way. This is made possible because of the presence of vitamin A inside carrots that plays a key role in flushing out the toxins. In addition to this carrots also has soluble fiber and this could do the all important task of cleaning the liver and also the colon through the elimination of waste.

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#5. Good Skin Health

Carrots are an excellent home remedy that help in protecting a person from the dangerous ultraviolet rays and this in turn also helps in repairing the skin tissue. Carrot juice is probably one of the most popular and effective sun block. In addition to this protection, carrot also helps in the prevention of acne, pigmentation and in the treatment of uneven skin tone.

#6. Keeps You Young

The high quantities of beta carotene present inside carrots could serve the purpose of an antioxidant.

This antioxidant repairs the damage done to the body because of constant metabolism. This in turn slows down the aging process.

#7. Protects From Infections

Carrots are very popular among the herbalists as these are very effective in providing protection against infection. These could be applied to cuts on the body after shredding them or boiling and mashing it.

#8. Prevention From Stroke

Many studies and researches have showed that the ones who ate carrots on a regular basis have less chances of suffering from stroke.

#9. Healthy Hair

The essential vitamins and minerals inside carrot help in making the hair stronger and shinier. Carrots also induce hair growth. Vitamin C and vitamin E present in carrots could help in better flow of blood  in the scalp which in turn could increase hair growth.


#10. Helpful For Pregnancy

Carrots are extremely beneficial when it come to the appropriate development of fetus. Carrots also improve the quality of mother’s milk during pregnancy.

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