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10 Health Benefits of Capsicum

10 Health Benefits of Capsicum

Capsicum belongs to the chillies family. It is a very ancient crop found in different colors like red, yellow and green. It is also known in various names like bell pepper, sweet pepper and green pepper. It is originally from America and now available across the world. It has got various medicinal properties.

Capsicum contains antioxidants; vitamin C and beta carotene which help in strengthening immune system by providing enormous amount of vitamin A, B and C. Capsicum though considered as a fruit, it is used as a vegetable. It plays an important role in preventing many diseases. The following article provides the effective health benefits of capsicum.


#1. Cardiovascular Benefits

Capsicum in your diet lowers the cholesterol level and prevents stroke and other heart ailments. The powerful antioxidants present in this vegetable help to destroy free radicals. Large quantity of potassium present in Capsicum lowers the blood pressure and prevents blood clots. Consuming it regularly helps blood flow and circulation which reduce chances of heart attack. It stabilizes heart beats.

#2. Pain Relief

Special compound found in capsicum called “Capsaicin” blocks the pain from skin to the spinal cord. Capsicum helps in reducing triglycerides in the blood and burns the calories fast. It can be used in treating headache, knee pain and severe cold. When its juice is applied externally, it reduces severe pain.

#3. Good Hair

Red bell pepper is good for hair growth, and also stops hair fall. It is rich in Vitamin C which helps to strengthen hair follicles. Applying bell pepper juice effectively improves blood circulation of the scalp and helps hair to grow thick and black.

good hair

#4. Good Skin

Large amount of antioxidants present in bell pepper makes skin stiff and young. It is a good source of Vitamin E which plays an important role in keeping skin soft and youthful. It protects the skin from sun light and harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

#5. Good Eyesight

Enzymes present in capsicum protect eyes from cataract and prevent night blindness. The carotenoid in bell pepper helps in maintaining healthy vision. It gives healthy eyesight because it contains Beta Carotene and vitamin C in large quantities.

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#6. Improves Digestion

Capsicum is a natural home remedy that helps  food digestion and helps in prevention of cramps, ulcers and upset stomach. It improves digestion by increasing secretions in stomach and has laxative qualities. It increases digestion by easily burning calories. Capsicum assists in production of gastric juice and helps in increasing metabolism.

#7. Prevents Diabetes

Extracts of capsicum can be used to control blood sugar. Capsicum contains low quantities of fat, cholesterol and calories which keep blood sugar under control and help controlling diabetes.

#8. Healing Cancer

The Capsaicin compound found in Capsicum helps to prevent cancer. The special compound Lycopene reduces unwanted tension in the body, thus preventing prostate cancer in men. Availability of antioxidants and phytonutrients prevent cancers of breast, cervix and pancreas. Capsicum contains sulphur compounds which prevent gastric cancer and esophagus cancer.

#9. Respiratory Problems

The high content of vitamin C prevents respiratory problems like asthma, sore throat and lung infections.


#10. Immune System

Capsicum boosts your immune system because of the high content of Vitamin C.  It helps white cells to fight against infections and reduces arthritis and joint pains.

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