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10 Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

10 Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

The cantaloupe is a medium-sized melon with a pale and rough outer skin with a fleshy orangish inside. Many people eat these fruits with their breakfast or as a snack.

While people eat these for the taste, they may not know about all of the health benefits that it can bring them. This article will outline ten of the cantaloupes health benefits, as well as describe how they can help you!

#1. Low in Calories

Every day it seems to get harder to find healthy foods that taste good. The cantaloupe is a very filling food that doesn’t have many calories in it. A one cup serving of cantaloupe only has about 50 calories in it. There is also less than one gram of fat in each serving as well! The next time that you are looking for a healthy, sweet, and filling snack, reach for a serving of cantaloupe.

#2. High in Vitamin A

Most fruits are usually high in one vitamin or another, but cantaloupe are especially high in vitamin A. In fact, a one-cup serving of cantaloupe has a person’s daily recommended amount of vitamin A in it. Vitamin A can help with many different things, from making your skin look healthier, to making your eyes stronger.

#3. High in Vitamin C

One other vitamin that is in cantaloupe is vitamin C. One serving of cantaloupe has almost a full day’s worth of vitamin C in it. Vitamin C can help with many things as well, like boosting your body’s natural immunity and helping your body to prevent infections and other ailments of the like.

#4. Prevents Fast Macular Degeneration

Cantaloupe contains a sort of antioxidant called “zeaxanthin” which can help to prevent the quickening of macular degeneration – pretty much another way of saying “your body looks and acts older as you age.” Zeaxanthin can help to make your eyes stronger, as well as make the skin around your eyes and on your body, in general, look younger and healthier.

#5. Regulate Blood Pressure

Cantaloupe contains a fair amount of potassium. Many people do not know this, but potassium plays a key role in absorbing extra salt and other harmful things that come from the unhealthy foods that we eat. By soaking up this extra salt, this potassium can make sure that our blood pressure levels do not get too high. Directly related to this, with lower blood pressure levels you are less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.


#6. Prevents Cancer

Cantaloupe contains many great things, one of these things being beta-carotene. Beta-carotene can help with many different things, but one of the most important things that it can help with is preventing cancer. Beta-carotene can help to prevent colon and prostate cancer if eaten enough of along with living a generally healthy lifestyle.

#7. High in Fiber

Cantaloupes also are full of fiber. Like beta-carotene, eating enough fiber-rich foods can help to prevent colon cancer. High fiber foods like cantaloupe can also help your digestive system, in general, make your metabolism more regular, and reduce instances of constipation.

#8. Anti-inflammatory

There are many different ailments and injuries that can cause parts or your body to look or feel inflamed. There are many foods that can help to reduce this inflammation, and one of these foods happen to be cantaloupe. There are many antioxidants in cantaloupe that work as an anti-inflammatory agent. This helps more for inflammation that happens on a more or less daily basis, rather than injury-based inflammation.

#9. Help with Diabetes

Cantaloupe is a healthy snack that people with diabetes can enjoy from time to time. Some studies have been done on animals that seem to show that eating cantaloupe can help to improve an animal’s insulin levels and health. While there doesn’t seem to be studies done on humans yet, there’s hardly a reason to think that it wouldn’t work. While this shouldn’t be your only diabetes treatment, it may be able to help a little bit.

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#10. Silky Hair

Eating cantaloupe alone can make your hair and skin look younger because of the vitamins A and C in it. You can also directly rub cantaloupe on your hair to make it silky and soft as well. Mash up some cantaloupe and rub it in your hair like conditioner. Wash it off after ten minutes to have smoother and shinier hair!

Cantaloupe may seem like an unassuming melon, but now you know that it can actually do a lot to help you in many areas of your health. Eat some more of the sweet melon and see first-hand how its properties can benefit you!

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