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10 Health Benefits Of Black Tea

10 Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Black Tea is plucked from a plant called camellia sinensis. The leaves of this plant are allowed to steep in hot water till it gets a dark color and used as a beverage. Unlike coffee, black tea has very little caffeine. It is rich in antioxidant called polyphenols and has very little sodium, proteins and carbohydrates.

Black tea has curative qualities and is known for a number of health benefits it offers. Some health benefits of black tea are given below.

#1. Heart Health

Black tea reduces the risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases by reversing the abnormal functioning of the blood vessels. Its curative qualities help in the repair of coronary artery dysfunction which is the cause for strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

#2. Cancer

Black tea is rich in polyphenols which are strong antioxidants. Black tea also has catechins which is also said to prevent some type of cancers. The antioxidants inhibit damage caused to cells, thus preventing cancer. Women who drink black tea on a regular basis are less prone to breast cancer.

#3. Diarrhea

The tannins present in black tea have curative qualities which has a healing effect on intestinal disorders. The patient can derive maximum benefit from sipping black tea slowly. The anti-inflammatory quality of black tea also helps in curing digestive disorders.

4. Diabetes

It has been established that people who have been consuming black tea in moderate quantities, that is one to two cups a day over a period have a much lower risk of type 2 diabetes. While it helps the digestive system, it may also regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and reduce the risk of diabetes.

#5. Asthma

Black tea helps expand the air passages which help the patient to breathe better. Thus providing relief from asthma.

#6. Immune System

The tannins found in black tea have the quality and ability to fight the viruses. Therefore they protect us from common cold, flue, influenza etc. Added to this the alkyl amine antigens present in black tea help in boosting our immune system.

#7. Cholesterol

Studies have established that persons drinking three to four cups of black tea a day can reduce their LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Keeping the LDL cholesterol level low helps in reducing the risk of heart problems, strokes and heart attacks which may prove fatal.

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#8. Stress

When black tea is consumed moderately on a regular basis reduces the levels of stress hormone cortisol. Further the amino acids present in black tea will helps you to relax and concentrate. Therefore drinking black tea after a hard day has a calming effect, helps you to relax and controls stress.

#9. Oral Health

The polyphenols present in black tea are known to restrict the growth of bacteria which are responsible for causing tooth decay and forming cavity in the tooth. It also prevents the growth of certain bacterial enzymes which form sticky a substance which binds plaque to the teeth, thus reducing plaque formation and promoting oral health.

#10. Bone Health

Black tea has certain polychemicals which make the bone stronger and healthier. People who drink black tea regularly say about two to three cups a day are likely to have stronger and healthier bones and are less prone to arthritis.

Black tea has many more skin and hair benefits. Black tea helps to hydrate the system and helps to moisturize the skin and keep it in good health.

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