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10 Health Benefits Of Beetroot

10 Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Yes, Beetroot! The vegetable that is actually a root. Either if it’s cooked or raw, in salads or juice, ingesting beetroot is great to keep your body healthy and prevent illnesses.

Maybe our mothers didn’t explain us why beetroot is so amazing and has so many health benefits. Beetroot contains several bioactive agents such as betain, betanin, inorganic nitrate, polyphenols, folic acid and vitamin C, that act on several physiological routes. So, in combination with a balanced diet and an active life style, here are 10 reasons why you should welcome beetroot into your life.

#1. Benefits the heart

It is widely known that beetroot contains natural antioxidants (betain and betanin) and inorganic nitrate that scavenge free radicals − the very end products of metabolism. This results in beneficial effects to the heart, such as reducing blood pressure as well as decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

#2. Reduces skin damage

The antioxidants contained in beetroot have a general effect in the body so the heart is not the only “lucky one” that gets the benefits. Signs of aging in the skin such as wrinkles are due in part by the effects of free radicals. So by neutralizing them, beetroot can ameliorate the signs of aging, reduce skin pigmentation and moisturize dry skin.

#3. Helps you run that extra kilometre

Whether for Iron Mans or for those that just began doing exercise as part of their New Year’s resolutions, drinking beetroot juice before exercising could make a difference. Olympic nutritionists recommend this vegetable for high performance athletes because it reduces oxygen consumption and attenuates muscular fatigue during exhaustive exercise.

#4. Improves Grandpa’s memory

In general, beetroot improves the memory as it enhances blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. For this reason, it is widely recommended for elderly patients with dementia as they experience poor blood flow and restricted oxygen supply. So adding beetroot to the diet can help us remember basic things such as where we left the keys!

#5. Reduces altitude sickness

If someone is aiming to conquer the Everest or just decided to travel to higher lands, then beetroot is their ally. Studies of lowland individuals entering high altitudes have shown that beetroot juice reduces altitude sickness symptoms by normalizing the arterial functions and blood circulation.


#6. Helps prevent cancer

Nowadays either everything causes cancer or there are thousands of supplements that cure cancer. While beetroot alone won’t cure cancer, it is an effective cancer chemo preventive. Indeed, several studies in prostate, breast, skin and liver cancers have shown that betamin has a similar effect but to a lower extent to Doxorubicin – the chemotherapy drug currently used to treat cancer.

#7. Keeps you balanced

Homeostasis refers to the metabolic process that keeps the balance within our bodies. The alkaline properties of beetroot contribute to homeostasis by neutralizing acidosis that results from an unbalanced diet, especially for those that eat lots of red meat!

#8. Holds you strong

Beetroot is rich in folate and iron, both very important for the production of red cells. In fact, anemic patients are advised to eat it as it helpsincreasing and restoring the optimal levels of folic acid and iron.

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#9. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

Several studies tested beetroot to treat bruises and discovered that ingesting it can assist in the quick fading of wounds or injuries. Hence, it is particularly recommended for those who bruise easily.

#10. Colors food safely

One of the main features of beetroot is its distinct color, so those concerned about artificial colorants in their food shouldn’t be alarmed if they find colour E162 in their packaged food. It is natural and directly derived from beetroot.

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