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10 Great Natural Home Remedies For Head Lice

10 Great Natural Home Remedies For Head Lice

Head lice are one of the most irritating and discomforting things to have. These tiny parasites live among human hair and are able to survive due to their consumption of blood from the scalp. They multiply by reproducing at a fast rate and attaching their eggs to the base of the scalp.

The common symptoms from these critters are small red bumps on the head as well as a need to constantly scratch your head. As terrible as this may all sound there is hope. Head lice can be eradicated with a few things you have in your own home. Here are 10 natural home remedies to terminate head lice from your life.


#1. Baby Oil

This product which is the best at moisturizing skin is safe and effective against head lice. Baby oil suffocates head lice by flooding them. Simply apply a medium amount of baby oil to your hair and then with a fine-toothed comb slowly comb your hair.

You will see the lice falling from your head. Afterwards wash your hair thoroughly with hot water. Before going to bed make sure to wear a shower cap and then the following morning wash your hair with shampoo.  For best results continue to use baby oil until all head lice is gone.


#2. Salt

Table salt is also an excellent natural remedy of removing head lice. Whereas Baby Oil floods the lice, salt completely dries the area which creates an unstable environment for lice.

In order to use salt to its best benefit, use ¼ cup of salt mixed with vinegar. Slowly run this mixture through your hair then put on a shower cap or towel around your head. Wash your hair with shampoo approximately three hours later. Continue to do this till all head lice has been removed.

#3. Garlic

Just like Baby Oil, Garlic also suffocates lice upon contact. For best results chop 8 garlic cloves and mix with two teaspoons of lime juice. Comb the liquid through your hair and wait approximately 30 minutes before washing it with hot water.


#4. Neem Oil

Neem oil has a strong odor that puts a stop to the lice’s biting habits. For best results apply neem oil to your hair before bedtime. Wear a shower cap overnight and the following morning wash your hair with shampoo.

#5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is also an effective natural home remedy at smothering head lice. For best results apply two teaspoons of olive oil to your hair and gently comb it. Put on a shower cap and approximately three hours later, wash your hair with general shampoo.

#6. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a great home remedy at immobilizing lice by locking them in place. For best results, apply a handful of petroleum jelly to your hair before going to bed. Wear a shower cap and wash your hair the following morning with hot water. Comb your hair to see lice eradicated.

#7. Tree Tea Oil

Tree Tea Oil is an insecticide used primarily to ward off mosquitoes but is quite effective against head lice as well. For best results, apply one teaspoon of tree tea oil mixed with shampoo to your hair and gently rub it in. Wear a shower cap and let it permeate for about an hour then wash hair thoroughly with hot water. Comb your hair afterwards to remove lice.

#8. White Vinegar

White Vinegar which has acetic acid as one of its ingredients is one of the best home remedies against head lice. For best results, combine vinegar with water then apply to hair. Wear a shower cap or towel around your head and let solution settle for about an hour. Wash hair thoroughly with hot water afterwards.

#9. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is an effective treatment against head lice in that it prevents lice from moving around as well as reproducing. For best results, apply about ½ a cup of coconut oil to scalp then cover with shower cap. Let hair saturate for about 6-8 hours before washing with shampoo.

10. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a great product to use to suffocate head lice due to the various oils it contains. For best results apply mayonnaise into hair and wear a shower cap afterwards. Approximately eight hours should the mayonnaise sit in hair before washing hair with shampoo.

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Head lice are annoying and uncomfortable but with these 10 natural remedies it can be completely removed so that you can go back to your daily life in peace.

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