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10 Great Home Remedies For An Asleep Foot

Asleep Foot – Causes

An asleep foot, also known as having pins and needles in your foot, is a sensation of numbness in the foot and sometimes in the leg as well. This can happen for various reasons, but it is most likely to happen when you are sitting in an odd position.

If you have diabetes or if your numbness is caused by an injury, then you should see a doctor right away. However, if your numbness happens because of sitting awkwardly, then this article can help. Read these easy home remedies for preventing and curing an asleep foot.

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10 Great Home Remedies For An Asleep Foot

#1. Don’t Use Force

When your foot feels like it has fallen asleep don’t hurt yourself or apply too much pressure in order to make it wake up. Don’t kick things in hopes that it will wake up your foot.

Sometimes stomping and kicking can wake up your feet, but when it does work, your feet only wake up to be in pain, which isn’t much better than your feet being asleep. Be gentle with an asleep foot. Even if it takes longer to wake up, it won’t hurt once it’s awake.

#2. Change Positions

Sometimes you may just be pinching a nerve when you are sitting. Simply changing your position can help your foot to wake up again.

If you are sitting with your legs crossed, uncross them. If you are sitting on your feet, put them on the floor. Simple changes are the best natural remedies can fix your sleepy feet.

#3. Circular Motions

One natural remedy to wake up your foot quickly is to move it around. While you can let your foot move in whatever way that you want, it will wake up faster if you move it in circular motions. Rotate your foot clockwise for thirty seconds, and then counter-clockwise for another thirty. Repeat this until your foot wakes up.

#4. Stand Up

Sometimes all your foot needs is a little bit of pressure to wake itself up. Just standing up should be able to put a safe amount of weight on your feet. While it is hard to walk sometimes when your foot is numb, just standing should be easier and still be able to help.


#5. Walk Around

If you can manage it, try walking around instead of just standing in one spot. This will help to get your blood circulating better than just standing, which makes it much more likely that your foot will stop being asleep faster. If it is hard to walk, hold onto things for support. Your asleep foot should wake up in minutes this way.

#6. Stretch

Like changing your position, stretching is another natural home remedy that can also help to stop a nerve from pinching. If you cannot walk, this also helps you to move around without even having to stand up. Stretch out your legs, as you can’t exactly stretch your feet very well. Try lifting your leg up and down.

#7. Massage

Massaging your foot is another home remedy for asleep feet that can also help it to wake up. While you can use massage oils, you don’t have to.

Simply rubbing your foot should be enough to wake it up. One of the best natural home remedies to massage your feet is to move your fingers in circular motions. This is true for massages on most places on your body.

#8. Exercise

One way to prevent or cure an asleep foot is just to get your body moving. The more you move, the better your blood circulates within your body. Exercising everyday can make it less likely that your foot, or any other part of your body, will fall asleep less often. Try to work out for about half an hour a day to keep your body healthy and not numb.


#9. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

While it is important to exercise, it is more important that you are at a healthy body weight. Overweight people are more likely to suffer from an asleep foot, and other “sleepy” body parts. The best way to combat this is to lose weight in a healthy manner. Having safe diet and establishing a daily exercise routine is a great way to lose weight safely.

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#10. Avoid Tobacco Products

Smoking, and using other tobacco products can affect the way that your blood flows through your body. This can cause your foot to feel numb, along with various other and more dangerous health complications. Talk to a friend of family member about quitting smoking or the use of tobacco products as soon as possible.

Hopefully these home remedies can help you to wake up your foot. Good luck!

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