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10 Effective Home Remedies For Weakness

Why Do You Feel Weak?

Weakness is the feeling of tiredness. When a person experiences weakness, he feels like he is worn out. You find it hard to concentrate or do a physical activity. Weakness can be felt in a certain body or in full body.

You do not need symptoms to know about weakness. However, if weakness is present in a particular body part, the muscles in that part might twitch, that part shakes uncontrollably, cramps in the muscle of that area are experience are felt and you are unable to move that body part without additional effort. When you feel weak in general, that involves your full body, you undergo flu-like symptoms. You feel tired and do not want to get up.

There are some other infrequent symptoms of weakness. Those symptoms are dizziness, hazy vision, confusion, lightheadedness, difficulty to speak, body ache and a rare chance of a fainting episode.

Weakness can be a sign of various health related problems. Weakness is felt as a consequence of blood loss, dehydration, hypotension (low blood pressure), insomnia, side effect of a medication, anxiety, sudden alarm, influenza and sight of an unpleasant incidence.

Weakness is also a symptom of serious health issues that need a doctor’s assistance. There are numerous home remedies for getting over weakness. The most effective ones are written in this article.


10 Effective Home Remedies For Weakness

#1. Bananas

Bananas are able to fuel your body and give it enough energy to overcome weakness. Glucose, sucrose and fructose are enclosed in a banana. These help to uplift your energy and to fight fatigue. Banana is one of the best home remedies that has natural potassium that converts sugar in the body to energy.

Whenever you feel weak, chomp a couple of bananas. You can drink banana shake and banana smoothie as well.

#2. Water

Our body’s main component is water. If we do not provide our body with enough water, it is a sure thing to feel weakness. We must drink enough water to let our body function as it should.

Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day, no matter what the weather is.

#3. Milk

Milk is the preeminent source of calcium and is full of with vitamin B. Calcium makes your bones strong. Stronger bones make you feel stronger and strong is an exact opposite of weak. Simultaneously, vitamin B works its way to reducing weakness.

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Whenever you feel weak, sip down a warm cup of milk. You can stir in a tablespoon of honey to feel your sugar levels in balance.

#4. Strawberries

Strawberry is a low-calorie fruit. It has antioxidants in it that aids the immune system and repairs the damages of the body tissue. Strawberries are full of with manganese and fiber that gives you enough energy to make it through a day.

Chomp strawberries in the morning before starting your work routine. Chop strawberries and add it to a parfait. Slice them and you can enjoy it with cereal. Make strawberry milkshakes and smoothies. Eat ‘em up in any way you prefer as this is one of the best natural remedies for weakness.

#5. Eggs

We know that egg makes up a chick. It means that it stores enough energy in it to create a living thing. It has all essential nutrients that your body requires. It contains proteins, iron, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folic acid and vitamin A. By eating an egg a day, your body will not run low on any of these nutrients.

Ingest an egg a day. Cook an omelet, hard boil an egg, make an egg sandwich, eat a scrambled egg or whichever way that suits you. Get more healthy breakfast ideas.


#6. Almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E. It helps to fight weakness and gives energy to your body. In some people, deficiency of magnesium contributes to weakness. Magnesium is responsible for changing fat and carbohydrates to energy. Almonds are loaded with enough magnesium to fulfill your body’s daily requirement.

Let a couple of almonds, a dried fig and a couple of raisins soak in water overnight. In the morning, drain the water, peel the almonds and munch them along fig and raisins. Keep roasted almonds in a jar, every time you feel weak, toss a couple of them in your mouth.

#7. Mangoes

Mangoes are a very tasty fruit. They are packed with iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain fiber, potassium, magnesium and copper as well. A mango alone is enough for a day’s energy. Another bonus with this natural home remedy is its ability to battle anemia that might be a reason for the weakness of your body.

Use mangoes in salads, in juice, in milkshakes, in smoothies or anything you desire to use it in.


#8. Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine that gives you instant energy. However, it is not a natural remedy for weakness. It is capable of making you even weaker after its effect subsides but for the moment it makes you feel better.

#9. Take things gradually

Do not force your body into things that it is not accustomed to. For instance, if you did not use to exercise and you wish to exercise now, you cannot expect your body to work out an hour and not feel weak. Your body cannot take that much exertion.

Start things at a low pace. First, exercise for fifteen minutes a week, then add five minutes the next and so on. Your body will get used to that routine.

#10. Get your beauty sleep

Work is important to everyone. We are tied so hard with our jobs that the time we get, we tend to spend it with our family and friends. This is justified, they deserve our time. What about our body? You cannot deprive yourself of sleep and not face the consequence. You will start feeling exhausted and weak and will not be able to give your complete attention to job. You cannot spend a quality time with your loved ones when you are tired.

Sleep enough hours to give your body energy to perform tasks. Sleep longer on weekends. In case, you do not have enough time, you can take a power nap of 20 minutes.

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