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10 Effective Home Remedies For Upper Back Pain

Causes For Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is a common issue that most adults have. Back pain can be caused by almost anything: injuries, poor posture, or medical problems.

If you’ve just had a rough day and want to know some home remedies to cure some minor back pain, then you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, and read these tips. By the end of the article you’ll have some great ways to cure your upper back pain.

Here are some great ways to cure your upper back pain

#1. Honey

Honey is a great natural home remedy for just about anything. In this case, the sugar in the honey can help to relieve the pain of your back pain. Add a tablespoon of honey to warm milk or water and drink this at least once a day to keep your back pain from returning.

#2. Massage

If you can afford it, seeing a professional masseuse for a relaxing massage might be a great natural remedy for upper back pain. if you can’t, you can still find a friend or family member to rub your back. If worse comes to worse, you can always have small child walk on your back to fix some of the knots in it.

If you can afford it, seeing a professional masseuse for a relaxing massage might be a great natural remedy for upper back pain

#3. Heating Pads

Using a heating pad is a great way to reduce back pain. Heating pads are often cheap as a bonus. Put the heating pad on your back, but don’t lay on it. Heating pads can be used for regular back pain, lumbago, and even back pain caused my PMS. Heating your back helps to relax muscles and relieve tension.

#4. Cold Packs

Just like heating pads can help your back, cold packs can help as well. Unlike heating pads, cold packs don’t help to loosen muscles. Cold packs help to numb pain. Try alternating between heat and cold for best results.

#5. Stretching

Make sure to stretch often. Stretch your arms above your head, touch your toes, or try some yoga. Stretching makes sure that your body gets moving. It gets your blood to flow and your muscles to move. This is one of the best natural remedies that you can do that would very well make a big difference.

#6. Hot Showers or Baths

Muscle tension can be eased by warmth. Baths and showers can be an excellent cure. Baths are better above showers as they tend to be more calming. You can make them more relaxing by using scented soaps. Baths can reduce your muscle pain and help you relax, hitting two of the main causes of back pain.

#7. Relax

Back pain can be aggravated by stress. Make sure to relax after a hard day’s work. Try yoga, reading, or just taking a nap. When you relax, don’t strain to see a TV or computer screen.

Lie down in a comfortable position and listen to some soothing music if that will put you in a better mood. Do what you need to in order to relax.

#8. Lie on a Flat Surface

One easy home remedy to get rid of back pain is just to lie on a flat surface. Lay down on your floor and just let your back relax. You may hear your back crack or make popping sounds. While it may not do much medically, it does make you feel better, even if it’s just for a little bit.

Staying fit is a great way to fight back pain

#9. Exercise

Staying fit is a great way to fight back pain and countless other medical problems. Even simple exercises like taking walks every once in a while or swimming can help.

If you can a job where you have to sit for many hours in front of the PC at a time, then make sure you get up on your break and take small walks to help to relieve stress on your back.

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#10. Posture

One large cause of neck and back pain is just not sitting up the correct way. When you work on the computer, make sure that the screen is at eye level with you so that you do not have to be sitting awkwardly to be able to work. Like at work, get up every hour or two to take a small walk. Stretching can also help.

Try these effective natural home remedies right away and be relieved of back pain!

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  1. Great tips. As said initially in the article, there are great tips to overcome the back pain with ease. After going through the tips got to know that honey can help so well in getting relieved from the pain. Thank you for sharing.

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