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10 Effective Home Remedies For Lumbago

What Is Lumbago?

Lumbago, or lower back pain, is highly common in adults, especially adults that work desk jobs. Unlike normal back pain, there are two extra factors that doctors like to look into to see if it’s lumbago. It all depends on how much your back hurts and where. Sometimes in patients with lumbago, the back pain extends into the legs and surrounding area as well.

It is often hard to tell whether or not a person has lumbago. Pain is a bad measure to go by because a small pulled muscle can cause a person to not be able to walk. Other more serious problems can cause no pain, but be damaging to your insides. If you think you may have lumbago, then you should talk to your doctor to be properly diagnosed.

If you have already been diagnosed with lumbago, then follow these home remedies to prevent further back pain and to treat the general aches that you already have, and you can do it all from home!

10 Effective Home Remedies For Lumbago

#1. Garlic

Garlic is one home remedy that contains many natural medicinal properties that can help to relieve back pain. All you have to do is eat a couple of garlic cloves a day when your back starts to hurt. This can be used for lower back pain too.

You can also fry the garlic and mix it with mustard oil if you aren’t a fan of garlic, or you have a date or a job interview. Once this is mixed, you can use it as a sort of back cream to reduce some of the pain. Rub the mix on your back or hold it on with a large bandage. Do this every day whenever your back hurts.


#2. Black Radish

Like garlic, black radish is another natural remedy for lumbago that also has medicinal properties that can help to relieve back pain. Grate some black radish and put it in a cloth bandage.

Oil your back with whatever body oil products you prefer. You can buy body oil, or you can use natural oils like lavender oil, and apply the bandage. If it starts to burn, take it off.

#3. Basil Leaf Tea

You can make your own basil leaf tea at home or you can buy it pre-made in teabags at the grocery store. However, using fresh basil will work the best. Take a few basil leaves and boil them in water and add in some salt as well.

Salt will help the tea work better and also help it to boil at a hotter temperature. Let the tea cool before you drink it, but still make sure that it is warm. Drink this tea as regularity as you can to keep your lumbago symptoms from returning.

#4. Potatoes

This is another natural home remedy that you don’t have to eat for it to work. Boil a potato or two, depending on how spread out your back pain is, and mash them up. Once the mashed potatoes cool, you can have a friend or family member apply them directly to your back.

Or you can put them in a bandage to apply it to your body. Find a comfortable spot to lay down because you need to keep the potatoes on your back for at least an hour, or until they cool completely.


#5. Honey

Honey is one of the best natural remedies that works for just about any health problem that you may have, including lumbago. In this case, it’s the natural sugars in the honey that will help to make your back feel better. Honey is also a good herbal cure for sinus infections.

It is better to use more natural and less processed honey. The more natural it is, the better is will work. Since you can’t overdose on honey, you can eat it as regularly as you want. You can even add it to drinks and food as well.

#6. Ginger Tea

Many types of tea can help most pains, but ginger tea may just be the best for fighting lumbago. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help lessen the irritation in your muscles that may be causing your back pain.

You can buy ginger tea from the grocery store, or you can buy fresh ginger and make your own. The fresher the ginger is, the better it should work. Drink ginger tea as often as you can to keep lumbago pain at bay.

#7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps your bones, and part of the problem with lumbago is a person’s spine. Make sure to eat plenty of vitamin C-rich foods. You can try oranges, berries, leafy greens, lemons, tomatoes, and limes. Add as many of these foods into your diet as you can. These can also help to protect you from other health problems as well.


#8. Exercise

Staying fit is a great way to fight lumbago and countless other medical problems. Even simple exercises like taking walks every once in a while or swimming can help. If you have a job where you have to sit for many hours at a time, then make sure you get up on your break and take small walks to help to relieve stress on your back and your other muscles as well.

#9. Lose Weight

Being heavy can contribute to back pain. Try exercising and dieting to reduce your weight and back pain. Start off with easy exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga, and a diet you know you can handle. The best way to start weight loss is to start small, and steadily increase your exercise as your body learns to handle it.

#10. Posture

Not maintaining the right posture is one main cause of lumbago and a stiff neck. Be sure to sit straight at your desk in front of your PC, so that you don’t have to bend forward. Keep stretching in between and get up and take a short walk every half hour.

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Hopefully these natural home remedies can help to relieve your lumbago symptoms and keep them from affecting your life negatively for much longer.

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