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10 Benefits Of Ear Candling

What Is Ear Candling?

In the past few years the practice of ear candling has become very popular. Some people swear by its benefits of cleansing out their ears of dirt, of re-balancing and a whole host of other benefits. At the very least it is one of the most relaxing things you will ever experience.

You simply lie down on one side. A burning wax coated tube is inserted into your ear. It gradually burns down and you feel a nice warm heat in your ear. Of course it removes all the dirt that accumulates in your ear over a period of time. But what else does ear candling do for you? Lets explore it some more.


How To Do Ear Candling?

Firstly a bit more about the process of ear candling. Essentially a hollow fabric that is coated with beeswax is lit and the non lit end inserted gently into the ear of the person lying down.

What this does is create a kind of vacuum causing any ear wax or impurities to be sucked out of the ear onto the fabric! At the end you will see the results of the ear candling and it ain’t pretty! To think we walk around in environments as dirty and sooty as that or did we not wash our ears properly for the past year!

Anyway, the focus of this article is about the real benefits of ear candling. Here are just a few that can prove to be excellent home remedies for your dirty ears.


Benefits Of Ear Candling

#1. If you are experiencing a major build up of wax this is a great way to remove it. Remember wax is not a bad thing, it protects your ears. However excess wax leads to temporary loss of hearing, not good in the office or at home!

#2. Reduced pressure in the ear. Some people experience a build up of pressure in their ears.

#3. Relief from tinnitis. This is ringing in the ear sensation. Candling relieves this albeit providing temporary relief.

#4. Improved taste. Those that have candling done have remarked on an improved taste.

#5. Relaxed overall sensation in the mind and body and improved well-being. This may be because the candling process involves inserting the candle into an opening which in turn is interlinked to the rest of the body via the osmosis process, when the candle sucks water and debris out of the ear.

#6. Improved lymphatic flow throughout the body.

#7. Improved emotional state and clearer thinking.

#8. Improved color perception.

#9. A home remedy that removes sinus pressure that can lead to those awful sinus headaches that just won’t go away!

#10. Migraines. A natural remedy for reducing or getting rid of migraines.

Things To Keep In Mind

Now we have mentioned all the benefits. A word of warning! Ear candling should NOT be undertaken by people with the following conditions:

#1. If you have just had ear surgery do not do this. Consult with your specialist as to if and when you can have candling. It may be never, it is not for everyone.

#2. If you have a ruptured ear drum.

#3. If you have any mastoids or cysts in the ear.

#4. If you have just had a Cochlear implant.

In addition always make sure the ear candler stays present. They should not by rights leave you alone.

Also whilst many alternative health experts still practice this, the USA FDA has just started to cut down on the practice. Of course it is your health and we all know about the vested interests of the FDA which has only recently started clamping down, shutting down alternative health, herb suppliers.

In all instances use your own judgement and keep well. Try these natural home remedies and keep your ears clean.

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