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Feng Shui Kua Number Compatibility

The Feng Shui Kua Number Analysis is very useful in determining the degree of compatibility between two individuals. This is important because when a couple is truly compatible, their relationship will be strong, supportive and happy, and this will help them to function more effectively in day-to-day life. A happy home truly is one of the sources of great success.

feng shuiFeng Shui, although it is most often concerned with the interior appearance of homes or Vaastu shastra, it can be utilized to determine compatibility between partners. The Kua number is of great importance under the principles behind Feng Shui. The astrological connection essentially says that numbers have a major role in bringing tranquility, wealth and triumphs in life. It has the capacity to judge the level of compatibility.

Whether or not two individuals are compatible is related to their characters, their thought process and their basic behaviors that are inborn. If a couple has an almost perfect balance of traits between them, then their level of compatibility must be high.

But the qualities that are native to the individual can disturb this balance and make the possibility of a long-term connection impossible despite a fascination with each other.

When doing a Feng Shui compatibility test, many factors are considered including the trigrams and hexagrams. The element metal, for example, is most compatible with the elements of water and soil, but is not compatible with fire and wood.

Financially, it is said that this individual would be a person who thinks deeply and likes to discover things for themselves. He is naturally disciplined and methodical. Quantity is less relevant to him than quality.

loveWhen the level of love compatibility is high, the relationship has a good chance of constancy and endurance. Knowing this can help one to feel that the relationship is worth the effort, and will be good. This will give one a sense of comfort and peace within the home.

In 2014 and as we move forward, this is going to become even more important than it is at present. It appears that our lives are becoming less and less consistent in terms of both work life and home.

If the Feng Shui Gua Number calculator can give this reassurance in at least one area, this is beneficial to us. In life uncertainty can be a major stress and can shorten our lives and reduce our enjoyment of life.