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Am I Psychic

Am I Psychic? Who are psychics? I am exceptionally intuitive, is something wrong with me? If these are some of the questions on your mind …

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What Are Poltergeists?

Poltergeist comes from German and literally means “Noisy ghost”. In general folklore a “Poltergeist” as we now know it was simply known as a troublesome, sometimes violent spirit that seemed to haunt people rather than places. This article investigates what are some of the possible causes of Poltergeists?

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How To Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

It's a question that comes to every psychic practitioner at some point in their career, how do I continue to strengthen and develop my abilities? It's not a simple answer, but there are a few techniques I will provide that will provide you some assistance with this.

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What Is An Athame?

An Athame is a ritual knife used primarily in Wiccan circles, though present also in other forms of magical tradition. Its purpose is purely metaphysical, most often set aside for cutting only non-corporeal things, or setting up magical barriers.

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What Kind Of Psychic Are You?

There are several different classifications of psychic phenomena in humans. Each different type of psychic has a different ability, and some people may mix these types. Here are some indications that you may fall into a psychic category.

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How To Attract Helpful Faeries To Your Garden

Those who spend a great deal of time in their gardens may be interested in attracting the helpful Fae to assist in their efforts. The Fae can be extremely effective in keeping little things at bay, from vermin infestations to problems of simple maintenance.

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Can Witches Really Fly?

The iconic image of the witch, the dark dress, the pointy hat, the broom flying against the harvest moon. That last is perhaps the most well known trait of the common 'witch', that they fly on a broom. Where did this come from and what does it actually mean?

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How To Read Auras

Auras surround every living being and some people are said to be able to read auras. Essentially auras are halos or bands of colour that surround a person or animal. Apparently the auras come from the fact that people and animals need oxygen to survive. They also generate a large magnetic field which some people are finely attuned to sensing or detecting.

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Do’s And Don’ts For A Psychic Reading


A huge problem for people who use divination is the fear that the people for whom they divine will be displeased with their readings, and then decry the reader as a fraud or a scammer. In order to reduce the possibility of this happening, here are some things you should expect from your reader, and some things you should not.

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How To Identify A Fraud Fortune Teller

fortune teller

Called charlatans, phonies, fakes, and scammers, many practitioners of divination receive a bad reputation due to the real problem of pretenders and people out to take your money. Read further for how to determine if your diviner is the real deal, or if they are taking you for a ride.

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How To Make A Spiritual Focus

A focus is an item that helps to draw in spiritual energy and direct it toward your own goals. Sometimes called charms, energy magnets, or fetishes, these objects have a long history in working magic and psychic means. Find out how to make your own!

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Zener Cards Test

The Zener Card Reading is designed to look at the degree of psychic ability present in an individual. The test itself uses the mathematical probability of someone being able to know what the next symbol is going to be without being able to see it.

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